Article Submissions

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Article submissions are accepted providing they meet the following criteria:

Your article must be original content, topic related, and NOT a copy/paste from your own blog/website, or from any other blog or website. Your article must not make any claims or promises to “cure” any ailment or health condition, nor should it be a sales pitch for any product.

Full or partial content found somewhere else on the internet will not be accepted. Articles must be useful information and not filled with keywords (keyword stuffing); Limit your keywords to 4-6. Articles must have a minimum of 400 words; Without repeating the title in the body.

Make sure you’ve spellchecked and proofread for grammatical errors.

Please include an image with your article. Image size must be a MAXIMUM of 900 px wide by 500 px high. Acceptable formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

NOTE: By including your image you signify that you either own the copyright to the image or a license to use the image (i.e. purchased from a stock photography site such as iStockPhoto or other royalty free stock photo source on the internet). NO hotlinking to images. No promotion (ads) on the image. If you’re using an image requiring attribution, include the info in italic such as: Image source: Google, Creative Commons License.

Please include a short bio at the end of your article including your expertise in the topic you’re writing about and/or credentials for our readers. You may include one link to your own website or blog.

At this time, there is no financial compensation for article submissions. To compensate you for your contribution you may include a link to your website — as long as your website is topic-related. If you belong to an affiliate program you may include ONE link either within the body of your article, or in your bio. You must also mention the fact that you are an affiliate of said company.