My Banana Bread Ephinay

As most of you know and probably also experienced, the ‘Super Moon” had me awake all night, and so I decided to make some Banana Bread before I ended up throwing the bananas away.

Anyhow… as I went to get the bread pan I ended up grabbing the muffin tin instead. As I sat here filling the little cup cake sections a thought hit me..

The thought:

All my preconceived thought, all my plans, all my desires…no meaning anymore…useless.

So how does this fit in, you ask?

Just with a simple reach to the right instead of the left I had changed the course of this batter from a loaf to a cup cake… a different creation.

And that is just how life is now…with just a simple thought all that I knew and was expecting could be changed with just one simple action.

I must keep a clean slate at all times…let go of what I thought so I can think..each and every moment I AM creating, so I also must be careful with thoughts as well as actions.

Let go of expectations, desires, concepts..etc. and be open for creating new, different and more.

Kind of like being an empty vessel at all times because I really do not know what the next moment contains.

I am not sure if I will be wanting bread or muffins until I take the step/action to create it…and only then will it become my reality…my creation.

And now a thought from my brother-in-law Mike, who red this before I posted:

We are influenced by what we bring into our lives. By using introspection and really being honest with ourselves we can begin to find a path. To be honest with someone else can only come when we are able to understand and be honest with ourselves. This effects our relationships and progress towards our goals. Even an empty vessel has a purpose. This purpose is effected by what we put into vessels or ourselves. Put bananas into muffins, you won’t get cherry pie. Be mindful of the recipe of what you are using to explore and define your life and remain open to the many prospects and variations that your recipe can be used.

Think about the above. If you lack an understanding of your self, how can you share and know how your influencing others? At what moment are we bringing energy to our relationships or draining energy away. Enjoy 15 minutes or more of reflection at the end of your day to help process what you’ve experienced. Your dream state will help with processing more. Then include positive people in your life and enjoy the synergistic effects you have on each other. Those that are behind in this type of life planning will begin to see positive effects in their lives. Share what we gain and experience.

Cathi (d. Feb. 20, 2014)