A Conversation with God: Seeking Truth

Oh God I want to know you. If you are really there, Please reveal yourself to me. Show me the truth about myself, open my eyes and create faith in my heart. Give me the gift of an open mind to receive your truth. Speak to me through what I read that I may come to know you. Grant that my deepest … [Read more...]

How to Meet Your Guardian Angels

If you want to hear from your Angels the first step is to get out of the rat race. Slow down, relax and be receptive to that small still voice inside, that all of us hear, at one time or another. The next step is to simply believe. That old saying of "I'll believe it when I see it"... well it … [Read more...]

My Banana Bread Ephinay

As most of you know and probably also experienced, the 'Super Moon" had me awake all night, and so I decided to make some Banana Bread before I ended up throwing the bananas away. Anyhow... as I went to get the bread pan I ended up grabbing the muffin tin instead. As I sat here filling the little … [Read more...]

Who Are the Ascended Masters?

Below are just a few of the Guides, Saints and Ascended Masters we may call upon for help. Brede/Brigit - Goddess of birth, inspiration, healing and love. A healing guide for the planet and all who wish to work with her. She works with herbs and flower remedies. White Buffalo Calf Woman Yemaya … [Read more...]

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are among the group of Enlightened and evolved Beings who have chosen to stay in the Spirit realms to assist/guide us. We all have at least one "Master Guide" who is with us for the duration of this lifetime, and many others who come and go as they are needed. For instance... I have … [Read more...]

Healing Meditation

When using a Healing Meditation we are actually reprogramming our negative thoughts that have brought on our illness or disease into our positive desire for health and wholeness. Keep in mind that it doesn't matter how you perceive the image, (some see themselves in their mind's eye, while others … [Read more...]

An Angel A Day Keeps The Doctors Away!

The Angels are waiting on us! They cannot just butt into our lives unless we ASK them to. And they LOVE to be asked! There isn't much I don't do without first asking for some form of Angelic companionship. For instance, whenever I get into my car, before I even turn the key, I say a simple … [Read more...]