Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is becoming more and more popular as people begin to look towards complementary and alternative healing options to provide relief, prevention, and faster recovery time from their ailments. Energy health practitioners work with the subtle energy matrix that the human being is built upon. It represents the entire individual – his or her emotions, thoughts, beliefs, physicality, potential, etc.  Energy medicine approaches the individual as a complex and unique system, and by doing so, encourages and empowers patients to view their health as a lifelong journey which incorporates every aspect of their being.

A relative newcomer to the field of energy medicine is Steve Barrett’s Chios Energy Field Healing Technique. The Chios Technique is very similar to other modalities in that it handles life energy, which is active and intelligent. This energy is known in other systems as prana, chi, or life force. Where Chios Healing goes a bit farther is in the area of its various healing applications, a point which draws patients and practitioners alike, and includes everything from removing auric impurities to using harmonic induction to rebalance chakras. A typical session with a third-degree Chios practitioner is designed to help the patient meet or progress towards a state of balance by working in three major arenas: the flow of energy within the physical body, the chakras and in-body energetic anatomy, and the auric layers and energetic phenomena existing there.

People who are “shopping around” for an energy therapy they feel comfortable with are often interested in how the Chios Technique measures up against other popular energy modalities.  Chios Healing incorporates light and color to deal mainly with the chakras and their corresponding auric layers.  This is different from Reiki, which certainly acknowledges and treats the chakras, but tends to be much more generalized in its approach and doesn’t normally deal with the seven auric layers.  This is also different from acupuncture, a form of Chinese medicine which deals with energy flows along the body’s meridians; and Polarity Therapy, which focuses on balancing the body’s energy flows based on currents and fields within the body.  Treatment options with Chios Healing are diverse and are chosen based on the energetic needs of the client at that time. Intuitive guidance is central to the treatment process, and your practitioner will be actively attempting to gather impressions concerning your energetic state.  A session with a Chios practitioner is normally about 60 minutes, though many practitioners will work in a 90 minute time frame. The treatment session, as with most energy modalities, is performed with the patient fully clothed and lying down, and includes hand positions both on and off of the body.

Chios Energy Field Healing is an intuitive new technique that is attracting individuals from all over the world. Treatment sessions and education can be provided by a registered practitioner locally or from a distance.

Article posted here on June 18, 2009 with permission by:

Sara O’Connor
Registered Chios Master Teacher