How to Overcome Prescription Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is commonly associated with illegal and illicit street drugs such as heroin and cocaine. While this is certainly a serious problem, addiction to prescription medication is often overlooked and just as serious. In fact, prescription drugs are responsible for more overdose deaths than … [Read more...]

Reiki Sessions Being Offered to Hospital Patients

South County Hospital in Rhode Island has been offering free Reiki sessions to patients for more than three years. But in recent months, its popularity has soared. Inpatients, their family members, and staff are encouraged to take advantage of Reiki treatments; all they have to do is schedule an … [Read more...]

Hospitals Using Alternative Medicine to Ease Kids’ Pain

[VIDEO] News4 Doreen Gentzler reports on doctors using various alternative therapies to calm kids in pain. … [Read more...]

Alternative Therapies for PMS

A woman's menstrual cycle runs its course in about twenty-eight days.  During this time, many women experience varying degrees of discomfort during or after ovulation and end with the conclusion of the menstrual flow. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) refers to the symptoms that begin prior to … [Read more...]

Alternative Therapies For Allergies

According to various experts, this is supposed to be one of the worst allergy seasons in recent years. "We had a perfect storm this year," said Dr. William Storms, professor at the University of Colorado and a clinician. "It's the worst I've seen in 10 years." Many people suffer from some form of … [Read more...]

Detoxification Techniques

What Detoxification Techniques are Available? Several methods of detoxification are currently available. These include fasting, specific diets, colon therapy, vitamin therapy, chelation therapy, and hyperthermia. As a word of caution - All long-term fasts require medical supervision as well as … [Read more...]

Health Reform Seeks to Include Alternative Therapies

As reported in the Boston Globe today, some Senators are seeking to have alternative therapies included in health care reform. Senator Harkin (D) of Iowa, who has been a long time proponent of Alternative Medicine, spoke at a congressional hearing this week in defense of alternative therapies. … [Read more...]