Shiitake Happens

Friends of mine held an impromptu backyard BBQ last weekend, so I thought I would stop by while I was out running errands.  There’s something about BBQs that I can’t resist.  Knowing that she’s vegan, naturally I expected the usual fanfare of veggie platters, and of course, veggie burgers. Not this … [Read more...]

Marketing The “Pink Campaign” and Breast Cancer

I want to talk about the "Pink Campaign" for Breast Cancer. I recently watched a documentary that was released in 2010 called Pink Ribbons, Inc, and I was disturbed and perplexed for several reasons. I had a lump in my breast several years ago and had it removed, so I am an advocate for breast … [Read more...]

Abortion and the Risk of Breast Cancer

Does having an abortion increase the risk of breast cancer? In a word; No. That myth has circulated for years by the Pro-Life camp. It is simply not true, and that's not my personal opinion. Anti-abortion groups are the only ones actually telling women to avoid abortion as a means of protecting … [Read more...]