Independent Karuna Studies

According to the rules that govern the Karuna Reiki® system, the "Karuna Reiki" Attunements can only be passed to Reiki Master/Teachers. As for teaching this particular method of Reiki, the founder of the Karuna Reiki will not allow me to teach the course online, unless I call it something other … [Read more...]

What Do The Reiki Symbols Mean?

I received an email the other day asking me to "explain, exactly, each line used in the Reiki kanji."  I thought this was an interesting, and unique, question. Of course, the answer will greatly depend on the Reiki Master/Teacher being asked, and which Tradition they follow.  With that said, here … [Read more...]

Reiki FAQ

How would a layman know that a particular Reiki Practitioner/Master Teacher is good for h/him? In the same manner in which one would know if a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or any other professional is honest and reputable; get a referral from someone you know and trust. At the very least, conduct your … [Read more...]

About Reiki

Reiki is a very simple and easy to learn healing technique that dates back thousands of years. Reiki uses the life force energy to heal, harmonize and balance the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels of the body. While Reiki is not a religion, it is very spiritual in nature. The energy … [Read more...]