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  1. The Reiki Principles
  2. Benefits of 2nd Degree Reiki
  3. What Can Be Treated
  4. Karma and Reiki Ethics
  5. Equal Exchange of Energy
  6. Clearing Energy Blocks
  7. Cleansing and Balancing the Aura and Chakras
  8. Distance Healing
  9. Methods Used For Distance Healing
  10. Manifestation Triangle
  11. Affirmations for Health, Addictions, and Release
  12. Level II Reiki Symbols
  13. Preparing for the Attunement
  14. Recommended Reading for Level I and II Practitioners


  1. Further information regarding the Original Reiki Principles
  2. An Intro to Tibetan Medicine

Chapter 2: Benefits of 2nd Degree Reiki

With Reiki II comes an increase in the ability to work with the Reiki energies (increased power), and stronger focus. You are also attuned to the symbol that makes distance healing possible, which is the major teaching of Reiki II. Second Degree Reiki works on the emotional/mental and addictive levels of the body; the First Degree focused on the physical levels of the body. Without the attunements the Reiki symbols are nothing more than "interesting drawings." The attunement is the link between the image of the symbol and the Universal energies that symbol represents. Utilizing the Reiki energies along with the Reiki Symbols sends you to the center of your soul and connects you with the Reiki Source.

When you begin to work frequently with this level you fully experience the Buddhist concept that all reality is created by Mind from the Void. Those who have received their attunements from me via a computer modem, in our own virtual sanctuary, have experienced this simple act of changing consciousness at will... and with every bit as much reality as if we were physically in the same room! Whole worlds beyond the physical can be created in meditation and creative visualization. It is in these other worlds that the Reiki healer traverses in order to do an absentee/distance healing. It is because your thought waves are sharpened during the Level II attunement that you will, with time and practice, be able to receive information on this intuitive level much more easily. The more you listen to your intuition, the more it develops. 

Second Degree gives your sixth sense a power boost. Your intuition will play a major role in your Reiki Healings, especially where hand placements are concerned. It will guide you as to when to move to the next hand position, or where you need to focus more/less energy.

Distance healing is the primary benefit of Level II and is something you no doubt have already been doing, whether you realize it or not, on some level. Every time you send someone love, or pray for them, or light a candle for them, you are practicing a form of distance healing. With Reiki, you will learn how to focus that energy.

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