Acid-Alkaline Balance: Key Indicator of Health

Article Contributed by G. Kumar

The average 20th century diet, stress, lifestyle and environment produce far more acid than is healthy. The human body is alkaline by design and acidic by function, which means that your body's health is dependent upon it being alkaline.

The original source of stress is known as a stressor. Most stressors (cigarette smoke, alcohol, stress itself, bad diet, coffee, sodas, pharmaceuticals) produce an acid state in the body. All cancerous states are acid states of long duration. Maximum health is in an alkaline body.

Research indicates that 90% of our general population is far too acidic, which leads to a variety of negative health effects. Over time, being acidic is the main cause of degenerative diseases and aging. If you have an acidic body, you become mentally and physically exhausted, and you lose the radiance and shine of skin and hair.

The effects of having an alkaline body
1) we are calm and collected
2) we have high energy level
3) our sleep patterns are deep
4) we have less colds and flu than normal
5) the immune system is fortified
6) the body has good absorption/assimilation/digestion.

Foods either leave an acid ash or an alkaline ash. Grains, sugar, dairy, animal or vegetarian protein and oils yield an acid ash while fruits, sea vegetables, quality water and herbs yield an alkaline ash. Eating too many acidifying foods creates an acid ash in your body. By eating a diet of 80% alkalizing foods, you’ll eliminate the production of excess acid in your body.

Alkaline forming foods include: most fruits, green vegetables,
beans & legumes, seeds & nuts, oils, herbs and seasonings and mineralized water.

Acid forming foods include: meat, dairy products, eggs, packaged and processed foods.

Your pH (short for 'potential of Hydrogen') levels are a measure of the relative acidity or alkalinity of a solution. It is measured on a scale from 1 (extremely acidic) to 14 (extremely alkaline) with 7.0 being neutral. The middle of this line is 7, neutral. Quality water has a pH of 7 and you should maintain this level. It is ideal to incorporate 2 glasses of lime juice along with the 8-12 glasses of water which is taken daily . A diet of 80% alkaline ash foods is ideal. We have to maintain this ratio - 80% alkalinity and 20% acidity for optimum health.


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