Reiki Sessions Being Offered to Hospital Patients

Reiki Levels 1, 2 and 3

South County Hospital in Rhode Island has been offering free Reiki sessions to patients for more than three years. But in recent months, its popularity has soared. Inpatients, their family members, and staff are encouraged to take advantage of Reiki treatments; all they have to do is schedule an … [Read more...]

A Conversation with God: Seeking Truth

memory of Cathi Ramacus

Oh God I want to know you. If you are really there, Please reveal yourself to me. Show me the truth about myself, open my eyes and create faith in my heart. Give me the gift of an open mind to receive your truth. Speak to me through what I read that I may come to know you. Grant that my deepest … [Read more...]

Healing Meditation

When using a Healing Meditation we are actually reprogramming our negative thoughts that have brought on our illness or disease into our positive desire for health and wholeness. Keep in mind that it doesn't matter how you perceive the image, (some see themselves in their mind's eye, while others … [Read more...]

Detoxification Techniques

What Detoxification Techniques are Available? Several methods of detoxification are currently available. These include fasting, specific diets, colon therapy, vitamin therapy, chelation therapy, and hyperthermia. As a word of caution - All long-term fasts require medical supervision as well as … [Read more...]


The ancient Oriental art of acupuncture utilizes small hair-thin needles to restore the body’s circular flow of energy through specific pathways called meridians. The human body has a distinct polarity; the energy has also been shown to have positive and negative flow patterns. Oriental medicine … [Read more...]

Ayurveda: The Science of Life

Ayurveda (meaning the "Science of Life") is said to be the oldest and most complete medical system in the world, and has had an important influence on the development of all other Oriental medical systems. This "science of life" deals with physical healing, diet, herbs, and massage. How old is this … [Read more...]

Calorie-Restricted Diet can Stop Brains from Aging

calorie restricted diet

According to Italian scientists, eating less may help keep your mind young. Scientists have discovered the molecular process by which a strict diet may save the brain from the aging process. The research, published in the US journal the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, is based on … [Read more...]

Does the New ‘MyPlate’ Serve Us Well?

Recently, I have decided to use up the last of the dairy and animal products in my refrigerator and pantry in order to make the switch to a vegan diet. A vegan diet is, essentially, an entirely plant-based diet. While I do have strong political commitments to non-human animal welfare and deep … [Read more...]

Are Those Real Blueberries?


Many "blueberry" cereals, pastries, bagels, breads and bars are not made with real blueberries at all! Instead, the blueberries are faked using artificial colors (Red #40, Blue #2), partially-hydrogenated oils and liquid sugars like High Fructose Corn Syrup. Watch the 7-minute mini-documentary … [Read more...]

Overcome Your Basic Desire for Sweet Foods

overcome your desire for sweets

Why do we need to sweeten everything we eat? Is it because nothing in its natural state tastes good? Or, have we been programmed to think sweetness is the only taste that is truly satisfying because sugar has been increasingly added to most packaged foods? It is interesting that if you stop eating … [Read more...]