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Angels & Spirit Guides

Angels The Ranks of Angels
Throughout time, millions of people have felt the grace and guidance of Angels. People in all walks of life have been helped, guided, saved or just confronted by their Guardian Angels and are more than eager to share their encounters with anyone willing to listen.

Angels Meeting Your Angels
If you want to hear from your Angels the first step is to get out of the rat race. Slow down, relax and be receptive to that small still voice inside, that all of us hear, at one time or another.

Angels Healing Guides
In ancient Greece, the sick went to temples with the hope of a cure by a ritual called incubation or “temple sleep.” Asclepius (known in other cultures as Aesculapius), God of Healing, was said to have visited them in their dreams, or even during guided meditations. Priests would then interpret the dream and recommend a remedy, or give advice on how they could be cured.

Angels Spirit Guides
Spirit Guides are among the group of Enlightened and evolved Beings who have chosen to stay in the Spirit realms to assist/guide us.







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