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Scrapbooking and Journaling Your Way to Health

Our emotions and memories are encoded and stored in our bodies in such a way that often times the only means of bringing the information to the surface for clues and resolution is through some form of imaginative expression such as Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Writing/Journaling or even Scrapbooking.  

Creative therapies can play a major role in revealing our inner most thoughts and emotions and can benefit us with all types of health problems. 

Most people don't think of keeping journals until they are faced with a major crisis in their life, such as separation or divorce, illness, or death of a loved one.  It's usually during time of crisis when we feel compelled to do a little soul-searching as we work through our feelings of pain, loss, grief, anger, or confusion.





Stress, worry, depression and anxiety have an enormous impact on our health and are implicated in a number of conditions such as migraine, asthma, digestive disorders, headaches and more.

In a therapeutic sense, keeping a journal or a scrapbook allows the mind-body to heal itself by restoring internal harmony.  Journaling and/or scrapbooking is a very pleasurable way for us to set aside time to relax and release mental and physical tension while at the same time preserve our photos and memorabilia to pass on to future generations.





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