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Spiritual Ascension Coaching

The need for energetic awakening and rapid spiritual evolution and mastery is greater today than at anytime in human history. The vibrational frequencies which now move in and around us demand major changes in perspective and an immediate awakening to the vastness of our consciousness. The frequency of the planet is amplifying constantly, and we must consciously synthesize these frequencies if we wish to live on ascended earth.

Exquisite Life Coaching is committed to facilitating those who would like support as they synergize frequencies of the 7th golden age. Whatever may have brought you to this site today, consider the possibility that your inner guidance knows that the time has come for you to commit to your conscious ascension, regardless of whether you desire or require support in taking the necessary action. If some of these ideas are new for you, take a few minutes to review A Primer on Conscious Ascension.

If you are ready to energetically feel it all, step forth boldly in wholeness, authenticity and sovereignty, and complete your conscious transfiguration, you are ready to live in the vibrational frequencies of the 7th golden age and experience the exquisite life you deserve.

Take this simple test to find out how "coachable" you are at this time in your life.

If you would like more information about this spiritual ascension coaching, please call 914-315-8118, or...

E-mail: to schedule a coaching session, or visit her Website at


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