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  1. What is Reiki?
  2. The History and Origins of Reiki
  3. The Reiki Principles
  4. Auras and Colors
  5. Introduction to Chakras
  6. Working with your Healing Guides
  7. Benefits of First Degree Reiki
  8. Hand placements
  9. Healing Benefits of the Hand Positions
  10. Reiki Ethics
  11. First Reiki Symbol
  12. Preparing for a Reiki Attunement
Benefits of First Degree Reiki
by Terri

In Traditional Reiki, there are three levels of attunements. Each time an attunement is given a special link is created between you and the Reiki source. In Reiki I (First Degree Reiki), the attunement serves to remind you that you are connected to a limitless energy source, and to open the channels to this source. An additional attunement is received in Reiki II, and one more in Reiki III, along with the Reiki Symbols for each level. All of the symbols should be memorized and drawn exactly. The first symbol you will learn is the Cho-Ku-Rei. In Reiki, the Cho-Ku-Rei is metaphorically referred to as "the light switch." (1)

With the first degree in Reiki, the attunement is focused primarily on the physical body and the opening up of the Chakras in order to channel greater amounts of life force energy. Your vibratory rate raises during the attunements, thus opening up the Chakras to receive, and channel, the energy. 

Perhaps the most important question regarding the information presented thus far is, "How can this information be used most effectively?...How can it make a positive difference in my life, and in the life of those around me?" Most essentially, Reiki is a tool to be used for self-healing, healing of others, and self-examination. 

In the context of a complete holistic treatment, the Reiki energy used along with appropriate balancing (balancing all levels: Body, Mind and Soul), and certain affirmations / meditations given to a person at the level of his/her beliefs, the ideal of "total balance" contributes greatly to the overall effectiveness of treatment. As an example, I have found that when the person receiving the Reiki treatment actually participates, to the extent that I am not doing all of the work, the results of the Reiki healing seem to be quicker, and last longer. It is important to have the person receiving the treatment take part in the healing process. 

(1) Sherwood H.K. Finley II, "Secrets of Reiki: Healing With Energy in an Ancient Tradition," in Body Mind and Spirit, March-April, 1992, pp. 41-43

(Additional note) It is widely thought that there were originally 21 or 22 Reiki Symbols. My personal theory is that this number stems from the number of hand positions taught by Hayashi, as opposed to there being 21-22 original Reiki Symbols. This would explain why we are only given Four original symbols. Other Reiki symbols given out are either not Reiki symbols, or are symbols which have been channeled by other Reiki Masters


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