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    May 2007 | Filed under General Interest

    The art of deliberate creation is intentionally creating whatever you want in your life- whatever that feels “right” for you. Not just what you THINK is right, but what you FEEL is right. It’s being crystal clear about what you really want in life and then taking the necessary steps in order to get it. Whatever outcome you want, there is a certain way you need to think and act in order to get it. Keep your thoughts and actions clear, deliberate, and positive, and you will succeed.

    Sounds simple enough, right? So it seems. However, in our quest to create the life we want, past conditioning becomes our nemesis. The vast majority of our current beliefs are based on our core beliefs, which influence how we think and feel about certain things today. As I mentioned in a previous post here, before we can change our thinking we have to change our (negative) core beliefs — what we know to be true, be it about ourselves or other people, based on past conditioning and/or social constructs.

    As part of our overall belief system we may, as small children, have developed negative beliefs about ourselves that actually helped us to fit in to our family environment by making sense of things that happened to us, based on our level of understanding at the time. For example, if a small child is constantly ignored or neglected, one of his or her beliefs might be “no one cares about me,” or “I’m not good enough.” If this belief helped that child fit into a negative situation then it was what they needed to believe, even though it was not true. Unfortunately, such beliefs remain constant over time.

    Facts About Core Beliefs

  • That it is an idea, not necessarily a truth
  • That it can be believed quite strongly, even “feel” like it is true, and yet be mostly, if not entirely, untrue.
  • That, as an idea, it can be tested.
  • That it is usually rooted in childhood events, that may or may not have been true at the time it came to be believed.
  • That it continues to be maintained through regularly recognizing any data that supports the belief while ignoring or discounting data to the contrary.
  • That through work and using various strategies, over time, this idea can be changed and a more realistic view be established.
  • The following are a few suggestions that will help in the process of changing core beliefs that no longer serve a purpose in our lives.

    The first step in changing a core belief is to actually identify it. Once you’ve done that, you can then begin to change your perspective. It’s this change in point of view that will be the most important step. This procedure is a lot like solving a mystery. When solving a crime you follow the money. When finding core beliefs you follow the emotion. We have to keep questioning how the emotion was created by the act of what someone else lead us to believe.

    Once you’ve changed your core beliefs, then you can begin to create the life you want by following this outline:

    1. Know what you don’t want in your life. Set your boundaries.
    2. Choose what you do want.
    3. Be aware of negative or limiting beliefs.
    4. Feel what it would be like to live your dream.
    5. Take action.

    There are at least five tools you can use to assist the process.

    Intention. Determine your desired outcome. This involves paying attention to your thoughts and feelings. It’s trusting your instincts and your emotions. It also requires goal setting, daily regimes, focus, and research (the “how to do” part). Decide what it is you want to accomplish. Make a decision. Gather information. Take action.

    Metaphysical approach. The belief that our thoughts create our reality. Take time out every day for meditation, or creative visualization. You don’t need to go into a trance-like state. All you need to do is set aside time each day to clear your mind; focus on your breathing, or an affirmation, or on your desired outcome. Focus on anything other than what you think you should be doing instead of taking this time out for yourself.

    Spiritual/Religious. This involves faith that the Universe will provide you with whatever you need.

    Hypnosis. This is a tool used to bypass the conscious mind and plant new thoughts and beliefs directly into the subconscious. It can also involve subliminal messages implanted into music or background noise, such as the sound of the ocean.

    Therapy. Some core beliefs may be so deeply seated, or even traumatic, that they may require the help of a therapist to arrive at, understand, and change.

    Each of these methods works equally as well, however, what works for one may not work for all. Try any/all of the above to find out which works best for you.

    With reprogramming and repetition it will become more natural for you to turn your attention from what you don’t want, or what you don’t want to think about, or what you don’t want to feel, to what you DO want to have, think, feel, believe and draw into your life.

    Until next time… May your thoughts be clear, your actions be strong, and may all of your heart’s desires come into manifestation!


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