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    Law of Forgiveness

    May 2007 | Filed under Universal Laws

    Unless we learn to truly forgive and recognize all obstacles/problems as learning opportunities, we stay tied to the karma of the situation. As long as we refuse to forgive, we continue to expect that apology we feel we deserve. And, if that apology never happens, we align ourselves with the karmic implications. This is also true of forgiving ourselves and not beating ourselves up over our mistakes.

    This is not to say that we should stuff our anger, or feel guilty for experiencing anger. Anger is a common human emotion, even if it is a reactive one. We all feel it. And we feel it more often than we like to admit. However, anger can cause illness in the body, mind and soul. Anger is a necessary emotion and is there for a reason; self-exploration. Whatever a person does, or says, to push our buttons and cause us to feel hurt and/or angry we’ve allowed that emotion (or may have even created it) to happen. How we react to any given situation is a matter of choice. We can choose to give away our personal power, or not.

    Positive Steps to Learning a Healty Response to Anger:
    1. Forget about seeking revenge and acknowledge that you’re hurt.
    2. Follow the hurt back into its roots in the past to all those times and circumstances when you felt the same way.
    3. Forgiveness — consciously make the decision to set aside any desire to see a person hurt because of the hurt he or she caused you.

    Remember that anger, being an emotion, is not something you can ever get rid of. As long as you are alive there will be times when you are insulted and feel hurt. And, as long as there are times when you feel hurt, you will be pulled down into unconscious fantasies of revenge. But once you notice that you feel hurt you have a choice. You don’t have to accept blindly the unconscious slide into revenge.


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