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    June 2007 | Filed under Zen Stories

    A close friend of mine is a Zen Master. Actually, he’s a lot more than a “close friend,” but since this is a Zen topic, I can’t use words to describe our relationship. At any rate, I was thinking about him this morning and remembering his “Zen-ish” way of speaking to me. There’s something special about Zen stories, other than the fact that they are among the oldest stories in human history. They offer profound insights into human nature, the cosmos, spirituality, and your true nature. Without a doubt, Zen stories contain all sorts of truths about life and death, but they can also be witty, entertaining and quite the conundrum.

    Zen stories are intended to be used by everyone. Once you read them, and learn from them, you will discover that you can use these as a tool to help you to think, talk, interpret a given situation, and perhaps as a means of self-exploration.

    Everyone will interpret each story in their own way, and in different ways each time it is read. That’s the beauty of a Zen story. They strike a different chord in everyone because they have many meanings; With no “right” or “wrong” meaning. Please feel free to comment on the story, perhaps posting your own meaning.

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