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    The Body’s Energy Pathways

    March 2008 | Filed under Level I Reiki

    When doing any sort of energy healing, the practitioner manipulates the energy that moves in and around each of us by using either their hands or other methods (i.e. acupuncture needles).  The practitioner then begins to correct imbalances in energy flow and re-establishes the free flow of energy through the body’s energy pathways. These pathways are known as meridians (channels), chakras, and etheric (aura) levels.

    Chakras - Chakra is a Sanskrit word for “spinning wheel” or “vortex” and resembles spinning wheels of flowing energy. During a Reiki healing the hand positions are primarily over the chakras and acupoints. The Usui System of Natural Healing recognizes the link-up of the etheric and physical bodies, and the connection between the chakras and the endocrine glands.  In Eastern healing systems it is believed that the body’s vital energy flows up from the feet to the top of the head and concentrates at different levels in the body called chakras. The body has seven major charkas that run along the centerline of the body (front and back), and multiple minor charkas outside the body and along the extremities. On the etheric body, they are located one layer away from the physical body. Each chakra reflects the health of a particular area of your body, as well as your psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When chakra energy is blocked or misdirected, emotional and physical illness can arise.

    While working with the chakras is not considered in the West as being part and parcel of the original Usui healing system, there’s no doubt that Usui and his students fully understood these energy centers and knew how to work with this energy. A full Reiki session covers all of the charkas and all of the body’s organs.

    Since the chakras are conductors of energy, they are of extreme importance in manifesting what you want onto this plane as well as working with the energy used in Reiki. When blocked, the energy will not flow properly and could hinder the healing efforts. This is somewhat contrary to what is taught in the west, which is that the Reiki energy will go to where it’s most needed, no matter what. While it’s true that the Reiki energy will go where it’s needed most, if there are blocks in our (the Reiki practitioner and/or the client) energy centers not much energy can/will flow through.

    Energy flows through the healer to the person being healed.  If there are energy blocks anywhere along the path, resistance is encountered and the energy is less likely to make it to its intended destination until the block is effectively dealt with and eliminated.

    The three Reiki head positions cover the Crown and Third Eye centers. The Crown chakra is located at the top of the head and slightly to the back of the highest part of the skull. The Crown is the place where we make that connection with the Universal Source. In Reiki Level II, we provide you with more advanced information on the chakras, from a clinical perspective, and  also discuss how to balance the chakras.

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