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    The Aura: Etheric Levels

    March 2008 | Filed under Level I Reiki

    Without going into too much detail, since volumes could be written on the subject of auras and colors, an “aura,” described in metaphysical terms, is the radiation of a person’s spiritual energy through the body, along with the effects of emotions and thoughts being projected at them. The levels closest to the body are the physical, emotional, and mental.

    When properly interpreted, the aura can reveal a person’s health, mood, feelings and motives. “Properly interpreted” is the key phrase. Most people confuse what they believe to be an aura with what is known as an “afterimage.” An afterimage is the physical effect of the bleaching of retinal pigment in your eyes. This happens when you stare at a bright color for a long time, and then shift your eyes to view a white background. What happens is that you see white minus the color that has been bleached out. For example, green and red are complementary colors. If you stare at a person wearing a bright red shirt, then look at a white wall, or shift your eyes slightly, you will see a green afterimage.

    It is important to know the complementary colors, so you don’t think you’re seeing an aura when what you are seeing is an afterimage. One way to avoid this problem is to practice seeing auras around people who are wearing white, or light-colored clothing. Also, do not stare at the person; allow your eyes to relax and go out of focus… much the same as you would do when trying to find the picture in those 3-D art pieces.

    Color is not the only important aspect of seeing an aura. Shape, texture, depth and intensity are also taken into consideration. Notice if the aura seems tighter around certain areas, or if it is sharp or dull. This will tell you how relaxed the person is, or whether the person is focused on what you’re saying and doing, or if they are at all receptive. If the person is listening to what you are saying, the aura will appear crisp and sharp.

    As for the interpretation of each color, suffice to say that there are many variations and interpretations. As a guide, here are a few:
    •    Red - Strength, energy, hard work, strong emotions.
    •    White - Purity, spiritual, balanced
    •    Black - Pressure, tension, possible bodily injury
    •    Orange - Being faced with a challenge, energy
    •    Green - Change, growth, healing

    Color can, and does, affect our moods and can be used in Reiki healings. Selecting which color to use, and when to use it, is a matter of practice and intuition. Simply imagine the color of your choice flowing through your hands and into the person’s chakras and aura.

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