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    How to Survive the Great Recession

    November 2008 | Filed under General Interest, Health Topics

    The Stress Bailout Plan

    The degree of stress in our lives is highly dependent upon individual factors such as our financial stability, our physical health, the quality of our relationships (at home and at the office), the number of commitments and responsibilities we carry, the degree of others’ dependence upon us, the amount of support we receive from others, and the number of changes or traumatic events that have recently occurred in our lives.

    Some generalizations, however, can be made. People who are poorly nourished, get inadequate sleep, or who are physically unwell have a reduced capacity to handle pressures and stresses of everyday life, let alone the increased amount of stress we’re all now dealing with during this “Great Recession.”

    I can speak to this on a personal level, especially since I’m among those who get inadequate sleep, eat like a goat (whatever I can get to in 5 minutes or less), tend to skip meals, and feeling intense financial pressure as I watch my retirement savings fade away to the point where I’ll now have to work until I’m at least 93 before I can even begin to think about retiring. In fact, one of my goals right now is to retire before I die. And of course, I’ve had a few of those unexpected major expenses. Two months ago: Major home repair. Last month; the dreaded “check engine” light, which resulted in my needing to bust out my already melting credit card.  Last week: my computer (which is how I earn my living) died in its sleep.  Interspersed amongst these Panic Button events, I went through at least a half dozen personal / traumatic events.


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