Acupuncture and Acupressure

May 4, 2009 by Terri  
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The ancient Oriental art of acupuncture utilizes small hair-thin needles to restore the body’s circular flow of energy through specific pathways called meridians. The human body has a distinct polarity; the energy has also been shown to have positive and negative flow patterns. Oriental medicine identifies these energy concepts as yin and yang. Read more

Chiropractic for Headache

May 4, 2009 by Terri  
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One of the most commonly treated complaints in chiropractic offices is headache. While there are many types of headaches with varying causes, the most common type is the “Muscular Tension Headache.”

Tension headaches generally result from prolonged contraction of the suboccipital muscles. These muscles bridge the junction between the posterior (back) of the skull and the vertebrae (bones) of the cervical spine (neck). Several mechanisms seem to be involved in the causation of the common headache:

  • Muscle inflammation and “trigger points.”
  • Joint irritation and nerve compression.
  • Dural traction on the spinal cord and brainstem.
  • Muscle Inflammation and Trigger Points

Today more than ever people are inclined to sit for hours with contracted postural muscles but without substantial physical activity. When muscles contract they burn fuel and produce waste. Among the waste products of muscle contraction are lactic acid, histamine and bradykinins. These waste products are irritants. If they are not efficiently removed from the muscle they can cause muscular inflammation, pain and accumulate into localized tender areas known as “trigger points.”

These waste products should normally be diluted and removed from the muscle tissue by the circulation. This process relies on the normal “contract - relax” cycle in the muscle. When the muscle contracts it creates a high pressure on the fluids inside the muscle and pushes the blood out carrying away muscular waste products. When the muscle relaxes the pressure falls and blood floods back in carrying vital nutrients and fuel.

When we sit or stand we are using the many back and neck muscles required to support our body. When these muscles are held contracted for a prolonged time (hours spent sitting or standing), they are producing irritative wastes, but not relaxing and draining themselves of these irritants. Over time these irritants can cause the muscles to lose their natural suppleness and resting length becoming stiffened and shortened. These stiffened and shortened muscles, often accompanied by trigger points can cause reflex pain into the neck and head.

>> Joint Irritation and Nerve Compression

Estrogen and Food in Menopause

May 4, 2009 by Jen  
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Food is a powerful medicine, but did you know the carbohydrate content of what you eat can shift your estrogen metabolism towards the cancer stimulating pathways?

In The Menopause Diet book by Dr. Larrian Gillespie, research has pointed to the advantage of a high protein diet in helping to prevent estrogen-related cancers. By current nutritional standards, eating a diet higher in protein than carbohydrates has received a bad rep in today’s press, but let’s look at the chemical breakdown pathways of estrogen. Read more

Natural Remedies for Menopause

May 3, 2009 by Terri  
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The goal of any alternative therapy program for menopause should be twofold: eliminate the bothersome symptoms, and to prevent the degenerative ailments.

Some health practitioners report that plant-derived synthetic hormones work as well as Premarin and more closely resemble human hormones than those made from mare’s urine. Others, including many womens’ health activists and practitioners of alternative medicine, suggest a more natural approach such as: Read more

The Emotional Holy Grail

May 2, 2009 by Jen  
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Are you looking for the Emotional Holy Grail to get you through these horrendous economic times? Here are my tips to try and keep panic and anxiety from running away with your life.


This is the single most important thing you can do for your body and mind to relieve stress.  Sleeping 7 hours each night will help to control cortisol responses in the body, which are part of your “flight or fight” mechanism. It will also help to lower any insulin resistance you are developing as a result of being under extensive stress, which can lead to weight gain. Be sure and darken your bedroom as much as possible so that your retinas don’t get any light for at least 4 hours if you want to produce a normal melatonin pattern. Read more

When Tamiflu Stops Working

May 1, 2009 by Terri  
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What happens when Tamiflu, the leading anti-viral drug, no longer works?

The New York Times reported on January 8th, 2009 that “Last winter, about 11 percent of the throat swabs from patients with the most common type of flu that were sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for genetic typing showed a Tamiflu-resistant strain. This season, 99 percent do.”

Some vaccines may provide effective protection, if it’s a good vaccine and is made prior to, or very early on in an epidemic. We saw the results of the last vaccine hastily created during the last swine flu epidemic:  people became sick, or died from the vaccine.

While proponents of alternative therapies are generally negative about vaccines, if a disease is lethal enough, most would probably revisit their thoughts on the subject of vaccines.  However, because s virus can mutate so fast, immunization may not be as effective as one would hope.  Read more

FDA Recalls Popular Diet Pill

May 1, 2009 by Terri  
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[FDA] May 1, 2009

FDA Warns Consumers to Stop Using Hydroxycut Products
Dietary Supplements Linked to One Death; Pose Risk of Liver Injury

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers to immediately stop using Hydroxycut products by Iovate Health Sciences Inc., of Oakville, Ontario and distributed by Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc. of Blasdell, N.Y. Some Hydroxycut products are associated with a number of serious liver injuries. Iovate has agreed to recall Hydroxycut products from the market. Read more

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