60,000 FDA Acceptable Deaths

May 7, 2009  
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A very interesting article posted on NaturalNews today, and definitely worth the read.  In short, Mike Adams writes about how tens of millions of doses of Hydroxycut were taken by consumers, one person died, a few dozen (already unhealthy people) reported liver-related side effects, and the FDA goes into over-drive to get all Hydroxycut products pulled from the market. The FDA doesn’t believe consumers should be exposed to such risks. Not from a dietary supplement, anyway. When it’s from a vaccine or a pharmaceutical (i.e. Vioxx - that killed over 60,000 Americans), such risks are deemed “acceptable” by the FDA.

Apparently it’s no big whoop if 60,000 people die from pharmaceuticals, but when ONE death is even remotely linked to a dietary supplement then suddenly the FDA is concerned about health risks.

Read the full article here:
FDA Floats Hydroxycut Scare to Discredit Yet Another Supplement Company

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