Reiki Level I

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Dramatically Improve Your Health and Your Happiness While Learning a Healing Method That is Spontaneous, Natural, and Effortless!

The Usui Method of Natural Healing Reiki Manuals

Reiki Level I: A Comprehensive Guide

Breaking away from the standard teaching methods, the authors present Reiki Level I in a way that provides the reader with a more accurate picture of the origins and discovery of Reiki, the history of this healing system, and how it developed over the years in both the USA and Japan.

In addition, unlike most Reiki books and manuals, the Reiki hand placements are discussed from both a spiritual and clinical perspective, covering total healing of Self - Body, Mind and Soul.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – What is Reiki; The Reiki Precepts
  • Chapter 2 – Understanding The Precepts; Natural Universal Laws A Clinical Perspective
  • Chapter 3 – Energy Healing Techniques; The Body’s Energy Pathways; Meridians; Chakras; The Aura
  • Chapter 4 – History and Origins of Reiki; Eastern Version; Western Version; Western (Takata) Version
  • Chapter 5 – Healing Guides
  • Chapter 6 – Reiki Symbols: Level I The First Reiki Symbol; The Law of Three
  • Chapter 7 – Health Benefits of Reiki; The Healing Session
  • Chapter 8 – Reiki Hand Placements; Illustrations
  • Chapter 9 – Healing Benefits of Hand Placements; Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual Levels
  • Chapter 10 – Reiki Ethics
  • Chapter 11 – Preparing for a Reiki Attunement

Also included:

  • A Treatment to Heal Diseases, Hand Healing
  • Ten Major Precepts of Tendai (Juuzenkai)
  • The Central Themes of Buddhist Philosophy
  • Research Papers and Clinical Studies

All of our Reiki manuals are written for beginners, Reiki practitioners, and for Reiki Master/Teachers.

Reiki Level I: A Comprehensive Guide, by Dr.Robert E. Zee and Terri

83 pages (PDF eBook)

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Terri is a professional Reiki Master/Teacher and Tao Master and a pioneer in teaching Online Reiki Classes. Attuned in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Method of Healing, Karuna Reiki® and Seichem Reiki, Terri has over 20 years experience with Reiki and other alternative healing modalities. As a recognized authority of Reiki, Terri has also worked as a Guide to Alternative Medicine for a large Internet portal. She has also worked as an Intuitive Reader (Tarot and I Ching) for both Prodigy and AOL and as an Online Events Coordinator, Senior Leader, and Special Contributor for Prodigy’s “New Age Connection” community. You can contact Terri via this Website.

Usui Reiki lineage: Mikao Usui - Chujiro Hayashi - Hawayo Takata - Virginia Samdahl - Joyce Morris - Jenny Leong - Terri

Karuna Reiki® lineage: William Rand – Debbie Rahawlski – Cathi

Dr. Robert Zee is in private practice in Cumming, Georgia. The practice offers Chiropractic care, Reiki, other forms of energy healing, massage therapy and other modalities. Dr. Zee achieved his Zen Mastership in January 1977. He holds a degree in Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life College in Marietta, Ga. Dr Zee is also a Reiki Master and teaches classes in Reiki I, II and the Master level. The Reiki classes offered by the doctor include an introduction to Kinesiology and other forms of Energy Medicine in addition to the traditional material.

Usui Reiki lineage: Mikao Usui - Chujiro Hayashi - Hawayo Takata - Phyllis Furumoto - John Lacks - Annie Star -Cynthia Rose-Young - Adrienne N. Cobb - Claudia Storms - Amy Weeks - Dr. Robert E. Zee.


Would you like fries with your Ammonia Burger?

January 9, 2010 by Terri  
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(NaturalNews) If you’re in the beef business, what do you do with all the extra cow parts and trimmings that have traditionally been sold off for use in pet food? You scrape them together into a pink mass, inject them with a chemical to kill the e.coli, and sell them to fast food restaurants to make into hamburgers.

The USDA knows about this procedure and obviously doesn’t care that people are eating ammonia in their hamburgers. Apparently fast food restaurants and schools don’t care either.

Refusing to Buy Mandatory Health Insurance

January 5, 2010 by Terri  
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(NaturalNews) “Even if Obama’s health care reform bill becomes law, mandating that all Americans buy health insurance policies for a failed system of “sick care”, I will refuse to comply. I’ve read the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and nowhere in that document do I find that the federal government has the power to force consumers to purchase for-profit insurance products from private companies.”
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Personally speaking, I totally agree with Mike Adams on this one. Forcing people to buy health insurance from privately owned companies is not only unconstitutional, it’s inherently wrong. We should not be forced to pay for insurance coverage that sucks canal water and only serves to increase bottom line profits for the insurance companies. I’m already paying way more than I can afford for the little coverage (with a 5,000.00 deductible) that I now have…. and may have to drop.

I will not be forced into buying some status quo health insurance policy, where premiums and deductibles increase on a whim (mine have gone up 30% TWICE in one year), coverage is low, and the health insurance companies get to dictate what will or will not be covered. I fail to understand how those who are crying about “government controlled health care” are dead silent about the fact that the health insurance companies are the ones who decide what sort of health care you’re going to get, or not get… or what meds you can or cannot have, and refuse to cover alternative therapies. The insurance companies are the ones coming between you and your doctor. Why isn’t that as alarming to the fringe of the fringe as the public option seems to be?

Props to Mike Adams! I hope everyone joins in and tells the gov’t what they can do with that mandate!

Alternative Therapies and Diabetes

November 10, 2009 by Terri  
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Almost 24 million Americans have diabetes, a serious disease in which blood glucose (blood sugar) levels are above normal. Most people with diabetes have type 2, which used to be called adult-onset diabetes. At one time, type 2 diabetes was more common in people over age 45. But now more young people, even children, have the disease because many are overweight or obese.

Are you at risk for developing diabetes?

If you have wondered or possibly been told that you are at risk for developing diabetes or that you have pre-diabetes, you should know that diabetes prevention is proven, possible, and powerful. Studies show that people at high risk for diabetes can prevent or delay the onset of the disease by losing 5 to 7 percent of their weight, if they are overweight—that’s 10 to 14 pounds for a 200-pound person.

Two keys to success:

  • Get at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity five days a week.
  • Eat a variety of foods that are low in fat and reduce the number of calories you eat per day.

In other words, you don’t have to knock yourself out to prevent diabetes. The key is: small steps that lead to big rewards.

Diabetes and Alternative Therapies

Some people with diabetes use alternative therapies for their health condition. For example, they may try acupuncture or biofeedback to help with painful symptoms. Some use dietary supplements in efforts to improve their blood glucose control, manage symptoms, and lessen the risk of developing serious complications such as heart problems. Supplements include:

  • Chromium is an essential trace mineral—that is, the body requires small amounts of it to function properly. Some people with diabetes take chromium in an effort to improve their blood glucose control. Chromium is found in many foods, but usually only in small amounts; relatively good sources include meat, whole grain products, and some fruits, vegetables, and spices. In supplement form (capsules and tablets), it is sold as chromium picolinate, chromium chloride, and chromium nicotinate.
  • Polyphenols—antioxidants found in tea and dark chocolate, among other dietary sources—are being studied for possible effects on vascular health (including blood pressure) and on the body’s ability to use insulin.

Other supplements:

  • Garlic for lowering blood glucose levels.
  • Magnesium supplementation on blood glucose control have had mixed results, although researchers have found that eating a diet high in magnesium may lower the risk of diabetes.
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Botanicals such as prickly pear cactus, gurmar, Coccinia indica, aloe vera, fenugreek, and bitter melon to control their glucose levels.

Treatment depends on a number of factors including the signs and symptoms of diabetes, type of diabetes, and severity and age. Most treatment regimes include lifestyle changes, medicinal treatment, (either allopathic medication, natural remedies or both) as well as close monitoring of blood glucose levels.

Suggested Homeopathic Remedies:

Triple Complex Diabetonic a safe, non–addictive, natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients to balance sugar levels in the blood and pancreas.

Triple Complex Diabetonic is a combination of three, cellular–supporting biochemic tissue salts and may be taken at the first signs of low energy or sugar cravings for effective help.
Get More Information on Triple Complex Diabetonic Tissue Salts for Diabetes

Alternative Swine Flu Therapies

November 2, 2009 by Terri  
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While people line up for H1N1 shots across Canada, not all health professionals are trumpeting the benefits of inoculations.

Alternative medicine practitioners say you can skip the vaccine — and still avoid getting sick — with herbal supplements, good nutrition and other natural remedies.

While the mainstream medical community remains skeptical, packages of a remedy intended to beat H1N1 are going out the door faster than staff can put them together at the Access Natural Healing homeopathic clinic in Vancouver.

From CBC News.  Read Full Article

FDA and FTC Go Rogue and Threaten Dr. Weil

October 23, 2009 by Terri  
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Both the FDA and FTC have declared all-out war against any natural products that might offer options to the H1N1 swine flu vaccines. This week, they went rogue on one of the best known doctors in alternative medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil. The FTC and the FDA have threatened Dr. Weil with criminal prosecution for making true statements about his immune-boosting formula.  In part, the threats against Dr. Weil are:

This is to advise you that the United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) and the United States Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) reviewed your website at the Internet address on October 13, 2009. The FDA has determined that your website offers a product for sale that is intended to diagnose, mitigate, prevent, treat or cure the H1N1 Flu Virus in people. This product has not been approved, cleared, or otherwise authorized by FDA for use in the diagnosis, mitigation, prevention, treatment, or cure of the H1N1 Flu Virus.

This product is your Immune Support Formula. The marketing of this product violates the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDC Act). 21 U.S.C. §§ 331, 351, 352. We request that you immediately cease marketing unapproved, uncleared, or unauthorized products for the diagnosis, mitigation, prevention, treatment, or cure of the H1N1 Flu Virus.

So the FDA wants him to stop marketing his immune support formula because they have not given the product their personal blessings and approval…

Violations of the FTC Act may result in legal action in the form of a Federal District Court injunction or Administrative Order. An order also may require that you pay back money to consumers.

Oh the irony…

This FTC / FDA letter claims Dr. Weil has been promoting his immune-boosting formula “…without rigorous scientific evidence sufficient to substantiate the claims.”

And the rigorous scientific evidence for the H1N1 vaccine is where???

You can read the full letter to Dr. Weil on the FTC’s own website -

Leafy Greens Top the List of the 10 Riskiest Foods

October 6, 2009 by Terri  
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The Center for Science in the Public Interest issued a list today of the top ten foods that can make you sick. Surprisingly enough, some of the foods now being called risky are the same foods you need in order to stay healthy. This year, one in four people will get sick from eating contaminated food.

Making the top 10 are:

1. Leafy Greens can be contaminated by the very common strains of E.Colia and/or Salmonella causing large outbreaks of disease. Remember the outbreak with bagged spinach?

2. Eggs are contaminated primarily with salmonella, a bacteria that often causes diarrhea.

3. Tuna. The most common complaint was scombroid illness due to scombroid toxins, which are linked to fresh water fish and can occur in tuna that is left in a warm place too long. Side effects of ingesting scombroid toxins include flushing, nausea and cramps.

4. Oysters. The risks of eating raw or undercooked foods, including seafood, are well known.

5. Potatoes. This one really surprised me, but potatoes caused 108 outbreaks between 1990 and 2006, resulting in 3,695 cases of illness.

6. Cheeses are susceptible to contamination because they are made using many steps, including curdling, salting, and processing.

7. Ice Cream. Contaminated pre-mix from unpasteurized eggs was the reason a large outbreak occurred in 1994.

8. Tomatoes are frequently linked to foodborne illnesses and they are suceptible to contamination because they are often eaten raw instead of being cooked to kill bacteria.

9. Sprouts. The CSPI report identified sprout seeds as the primary source of contamination for a germinated sprout. Salmonella is common to sprouts, as is E. coli.

10. Berries. Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are just a few of the fruits the CSPI flagged as having contributed to 25 outbreaks between 1990 and 2006, causing 3,397 illnesses.

Full article:
CSPI Urges Senate to Pass Food Safety Modernization Act

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