Reiki Level I

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Dramatically Improve Your Health and Your Happiness While Learning a Healing Method That is Spontaneous, Natural, and Effortless!

The Usui Method of Natural Healing Reiki Manuals

Reiki Level I: A Comprehensive Guide

Breaking away from the standard teaching methods, the authors present Reiki Level I in a way that provides the reader with a more accurate picture of the origins and discovery of Reiki, the history of this healing system, and how it developed over the years in both the USA and Japan.

In addition, unlike most Reiki books and manuals, the Reiki hand placements are discussed from both a spiritual and clinical perspective, covering total healing of Self - Body, Mind and Soul.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 – What is Reiki; The Reiki Precepts
  • Chapter 2 – Understanding The Precepts; Natural Universal Laws A Clinical Perspective
  • Chapter 3 – Energy Healing Techniques; The Body’s Energy Pathways; Meridians; Chakras; The Aura
  • Chapter 4 – History and Origins of Reiki; Eastern Version; Western Version; Western (Takata) Version
  • Chapter 5 – Healing Guides
  • Chapter 6 – Reiki Symbols: Level I The First Reiki Symbol; The Law of Three
  • Chapter 7 – Health Benefits of Reiki; The Healing Session
  • Chapter 8 – Reiki Hand Placements; Illustrations
  • Chapter 9 – Healing Benefits of Hand Placements; Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual Levels
  • Chapter 10 – Reiki Ethics
  • Chapter 11 – Preparing for a Reiki Attunement

Also included:

  • A Treatment to Heal Diseases, Hand Healing
  • Ten Major Precepts of Tendai (Juuzenkai)
  • The Central Themes of Buddhist Philosophy
  • Research Papers and Clinical Studies

All of our Reiki manuals are written for beginners, Reiki practitioners, and for Reiki Master/Teachers.

Reiki Level I: A Comprehensive Guide, by Dr.Robert E. Zee and Terri

83 pages (PDF eBook)

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Terri is a professional Reiki Master/Teacher and Tao Master and a pioneer in teaching Online Reiki Classes. Attuned in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Method of Healing, Karuna Reiki® and Seichem Reiki, Terri has over 20 years experience with Reiki and other alternative healing modalities. As a recognized authority of Reiki, Terri has also worked as a Guide to Alternative Medicine for a large Internet portal. She has also worked as an Intuitive Reader (Tarot and I Ching) for both Prodigy and AOL and as an Online Events Coordinator, Senior Leader, and Special Contributor for Prodigy’s “New Age Connection” community. You can contact Terri via this Website.

Usui Reiki lineage: Mikao Usui - Chujiro Hayashi - Hawayo Takata - Virginia Samdahl - Joyce Morris - Jenny Leong - Terri

Karuna Reiki® lineage: William Rand – Debbie Rahawlski – Cathi

Dr. Robert Zee is in private practice in Cumming, Georgia. The practice offers Chiropractic care, Reiki, other forms of energy healing, massage therapy and other modalities. Dr. Zee achieved his Zen Mastership in January 1977. He holds a degree in Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life College in Marietta, Ga. Dr Zee is also a Reiki Master and teaches classes in Reiki I, II and the Master level. The Reiki classes offered by the doctor include an introduction to Kinesiology and other forms of Energy Medicine in addition to the traditional material.

Usui Reiki lineage: Mikao Usui - Chujiro Hayashi - Hawayo Takata - Phyllis Furumoto - John Lacks - Annie Star -Cynthia Rose-Young - Adrienne N. Cobb - Claudia Storms - Amy Weeks - Dr. Robert E. Zee.


Health Benefits of Spirulina

July 31, 2009 by Terri  
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Spirulina is one of hundreds of algae species and is commonly known as blue green algae. It’s a rich source of nutrients, containing up to 70% protein, B-complex vitamins, phycocyanin, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and numerous minerals. In fact, spirulina contains more beta-carotene than carrots. Considered one of nature’s most perfect foods, it has been used since ancient times as a source of nutrients and has been said to possess a variety of medical uses, including as an antioxidant, antiviral, antineoplastic, weight loss aid, and lipid-lowering agent. Read more

Energy Medicine

June 18, 2009 by Terri  
Filed under Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is becoming more and more popular as people begin to look towards complementary and alternative healing options to provide relief, prevention, and faster recovery time from their ailments. Energy health practitioners work with the subtle energy matrix that the human being is built upon. It represents the entire individual - his or her emotions, thoughts, beliefs, physicality, potential, etc.  Energy medicine approaches the individual as a complex and unique system, and by doing so, encourages and empowers patients to view their health as a lifelong journey which incorporates every aspect of their being. Read more

What Do The Reiki Symbols Mean?

June 11, 2009 by Terri  
Filed under Reiki

I received an email the other day asking me to “explain, exactly, each line used in the Reiki kanji.”  I thought this was an interesting, and unique, question. Of course, the answer will greatly depend on the Reiki Master/Teacher being asked, and which Tradition they follow.  With that said, here are my own answers: Read more


May 6, 2009 by Terri  
Filed under Reflexology

Once considered as a useful therapy by the ancient Egyptians, Reflexology may best be described as a specialized form of massage (yet much more than simply massage) of the feet, and some reflexologists will also include the hands.

Reflexology has its roots in ancient Egypt, Greece, and possibly China. In addition, it’s been said that manipulation of the feet for healing purposes was common practice among the native peoples of both North and South America. Read more

Holistic Nutrition

May 4, 2009 by Terri  
Filed under Holistic Nutrition

The following guidelines are the basis of holistic nutrition. Compare your present eating regimen with the guidelines presented, and do your best to make any changes that seem natural and easy.

1. Eat 70% whole, complete, unrefined and unadulterated foods (fruit, vegetables and salads) per day. These should be fresh, as close to organic as possible, and pesticide-free.

2. Do not eat proteins and starches at the same meal.  Eat proteins at lunch, with non-starchy vegetables.  Eat starches at dinner, with non-starchy vegetables.  Meats – When possible, eat organically raised meats, and no more than three (3) times per week. Give preference to fish, poultry, veal, lamb, beef and pork, in that order. This method of eating is referred to as proper food combining and will help the body by diverting precious healing energy from the digestive process to the processes of detoxification and healing. Healing occurs when the body is also properly nourished. By eating this way, a full day’s eating will only require about fifteen percent (15%) of the day’s allotment of energy, leaving eighty-five percent (85%) for natural detoxification and healing. Energy is required for all of these processes. Read more

Acupuncture and Acupressure

May 4, 2009 by Terri  
Filed under Acupuncture

The ancient Oriental art of acupuncture utilizes small hair-thin needles to restore the body’s circular flow of energy through specific pathways called meridians. The human body has a distinct polarity; the energy has also been shown to have positive and negative flow patterns. Oriental medicine identifies these energy concepts as yin and yang. Read more

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