How to Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

February 26, 2010  
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If you are smoking and want to make a healthy lifestyle you could start by deciding for yourself to strip off the smoking habit from your system.  Often times when people quit smoking they tend to gain because your appetite increase swhen you quit smoking.  There are ways to avoid the weight gain problem.

Cigarettes stimulates metabolism according to smoking cessation therapists.  Approximately 250 calories get burned when you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. When you quit, the body metabolism slows down resulting for those calories to slowly burn and giving you extra weight. Some people gain 2 pounds once they quit for 2 weeks and with this occurrence they tend to resume smoking to prevent weight gain so quitting will then be unsuccessful.

Sticking to the decision of quitting will not be that much of a burden because eventually the metabolism will normalize. Typically, smokers only gain 5-7 pounds throughout the process of quitting. And when you think about the advantages of having a healthy and smoke free living, you will feel great inside and out and will then work on removing that extra weight.

You vital organs like the lungs, heart and arteries will be free of the toxins and will start to regenerate new cells after being intoxicated with nicotine. Gradually after quitting you will notice changes in your physical appearance. Your skin is free from stress and will appear to be fairer and smoother, those yellow stains on your fingers and fingernails will disappear, you won’t have bad breath anymore, and your teeth will be free from stains and you will have healthier gums, too!

To lessen the cravings and weight gain, do drinks a lot of water, ideally eight 8oz glasses a day to keep you hydrated and to flush out toxins.

  • Substitute healthy food for cigarettes.
  • Don’t go for sugar-filled snacks and unhealthy foods.
  • Exercise to keep you busy and increase metabolism.
  • Join a support group for encouragement along the way.
  • Take up a new hobby.

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