Middle Aged Women and Make-up

April 22, 2009  
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I was searching for skin care products (organic and/or paraben-free, of course — aside from the one listed on this blog) for women over 40 and somehow came across the following article.  Not sure why, since it has nothing to do with organic skin care products, and this blog is, after all, about Healthy alternatives.  But I was intrigued, so I read it anyway. All I can say is:  OUCH!!

Personally speaking, I’m not a fan of make-up, nor have I ever (thankfully) really needed to use it.  I do, however, use natural skin care products on my face…. now that I’m, ummm… middle aged.  It’s funny how, when we’re in our teens, we buy products to keep the oil OFF our faces.  Then we reach “that age” when we buy products to keep those natural oils/moisture ON our faces.

From Professors House:

Middle aged women and make-up? Come on now, why does the title seem so unsettling? Is it to suggest that:

  • Middle aged women can’t find the right make-up anymore to camouflage those wisdom lines (why don’t we just call them wrinkles?)
  • Since they’re middle aged, women need not wear make-up because no amount of goo will hide their wisdom lines (there, we said it again), expanding waist lines, and receding forehead (not to mention facial hair).
  • Make-up is only for the young (the young-at-heart don’t count).

We don’t mean to offend anyone, but the general feeling is this: as soon as you hit 38, you’re two years shy of 40 and you get to engage in an uphill struggle that will demand every ounce of your strength.

And for the REALLY big OUCH, also from this article: “Michael Worton, professor of French Literature in London who supposedly said, “”The big thing in France that we don’t have so much in Britain is the idea of caring for oneself in every way,” he says.”This means both brains and looks. In other words, you can’t let yourself go physically and still be intellectually together.”

And Frith Powell adds, “to put it more bluntly, lose your looks and next thing you know you’re losing your marbles!” (Daily Mail, “Don’t Let Yourself Go Just Because You’re the Wrong Side of 30, February 2007)”

(Read the rest of the article here.)

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