Energy Medicine Anti-aging Conference

March 11, 2010  
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Ondamed and Energy Medicine Anti-aging Conference

Article by Jim Oschman, Ph.d.
I would like to describe why I am optimistic about the future of medicine in general and anti-aging medicine in particular. My optimism is due to the growing popularity and effectiveness of energetic approaches to medicine. Western biomedicine has held back in looking at life from the energetic perspective because the predominant focus has been on chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology. From my perspective, chemistry is one of many successful approaches to life and health. Energy medicine is filling in many of the previously unexplored or unknown areas in the puzzle of life and healing, and thereby increasing our understandings of how to help patients live longer and happier lives.

Recent medical research is showing that one of the main obstacles to longevity is best described in terms of energy. And the best approach to treatment is energetic. This is exciting to someone who has spent 25 years studying energetics and written two medical texts on energy medicine.

Energy medicine is growing in popularity because it is extremely successful, sometimes resolving conditions that have previously been considered incurable. The main side effect of these methods is an enhancement of the functioning of the immune system, and this is obviously the best thing that we can do to improve health and increase longevity

Let me explain this. If the body is injured or if there is an infection, a set of energetic reactions takes place to alert the whole body that something has happened, and to regulate the healing process. For example, if I get an injury to my arm, a wave of electrical energy called the injury potential spreads away from the site of injury. An orthopedic surgeon, Robert O. Becker, MD, documented this process in papers published in the early 1990’s. Ideally, the injury potential spreads throughout the body and informs every cell of the size and location of the injury. In this way, cells a distance from an injury can participate in the repair process if necessary. For example, in a serious injury, cells from the bone marrow or liver may be recruited to assist in the repair process.

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ONDAMED GmbH was founded in 1994 by Rolf Binder, who developed the ONDAMED? Biofeedback System after 25 years of research in biophysical medical testing and therapy. Binder is well known for developing Bioterrain and EAV measurement devices, and other Medical Electronics equipment.

In 2002, the company opened its U.S. subsidiary, Ondamed Inc. and currently has customers around the world. The therapeutic Biofeedback device was invented in Germany 10 years ago and has been available in the US for the past four.For further information, please contact: Silvia Locke, CEO Ondamed, Inc at 845-496-6673 ext 111 or visit

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