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Combining Old and New : Naturopathy for the 21st Century

This book… is highly recommended for those studying to be board certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board. has been adopted as a text book by several naturopathic schools. includes works by J.H. Kellogg, M.V. Kulkarni, Royal Lee, G.J. Drews, J.H. Tilden and other early naturopathic pioneers. explains what modalities are used by naturopaths. answer the questions, “Why do people get sick?”, “What is the cause of disease?” and “How do people get well?”

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Neo Naturopathy: The New Science of Healing or The Doctrine of Unity of Diseases

1917. Mr. Kuhne was a genius in the art of healing, and his discovery of the cause of all disease and the remedies therefore, created a veritable epoch in the field of drugless medicine. In publishing this treatise, Mr. Lust’s aim is to prove Naturopathy a logical and exact science; to make this book worthy of the profession it is devoted to and to make the drugless doctor a bigger and better doctor, and the patient more appreciative of the merits of natural healing. Partial Contents: how does disease arise? nature, origin, purpose and cure of diseases of children; measles; disease a transmission; rheumatism, gout, sciatica their cause and cure; science of facial expression; what shall we eat, drink? digestive process; beneficial value of vegetable diet; nervous and mental diseases; sleeplessness; pulmonary affections; sexual diseases; heart disease; poverty of the blood; disease of the eye, ear, teeth; migraine; cancer; diseases of women; reports of cures.

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healthy eating, fasting, hydrotherapy, self-massage, gentle exercise

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Naturopathy for Longevity

Nature cure is the only answer to the oft asked question,Can One Keep Fit & Live Longer?.Dr.Bakhru,a renowned naturopath and a proponent of nature cure,dwells on various factors which contribute to health,fitness and vitality. The book deals with diseases commonly prevalent in the elderly and prescribes time tested nature cure methods for their treatment.It contains invaluable nature cure methods which if practiced sincerely can work miracles for problems related to ageing such as poor health,loss of functions,slower mental faculties and development of other frightening diseases. This book also imparts knowledge about the right foods to eat,the effective ways of exercising and the methods for preserving the body’s natural energies. So stay healthy and live longer!!

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Naturopathy - Medical Card

Our laminated medical reference cards provide the most important information on specific topics in a clear and concise manner. These practical, sturdy, easy-to-read reference cards are a must for the medical professional or interested lay person. The Naturopathy card gives an overview of the most commonly used plants in Naturopathy and their uses as well as a clinical symptom chart with suggestions as to which plants could be helpful. Perfect for any one who practices or is interested in Naturopathy. Size: 5.8″ X 8.3

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