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Light: the Energy Medicine of the Present and Future

Contributed by Bernard J. Fleury, B.A.

In the Forward to Jacob Liberman’s book, Light – Medicine of the Future, John Ott, a pioneer in the field of photobiology, asks the question, “Are we to totally discount our own abilities to see, hear and feel our everyday experience, trusting only the findings of others who differ from us in their view of reality?” 1 The “real” is often hidden beneath the exceptional. The optical illusions researched by Goethe were accurate illustrations of the behavior of light. We must be open to new insights. Present day scientific methods are not eternal. They do not have the final answer and so cannot be allowed to be an absolute norm for what is scientific.

Jacob Liberman is an Optometrist and also holds a Ph.D. in vision science that he received for his pioneering work in phototherapy. He worked out of the Aspen Center for Energy Medicine in Aspen, Colorado, where he was president of the College of Syntonic Optometry, and also of Universal Light Technologies Limited, a company that researched and developed photo therapeutic devices for healing. As the year 2008 begins he lives in Hawaii and continues to do extensive personal consultations.

His approach integrates scientific research, clinical experience, and his own intuitive insights. The college that he led has advocated the use of light therapy by way of the eyes since its inception in the 1930’s. His own painful life experiences led him to a number of insights. First of all, he states that most of what life reveals to us comes when we are not looking for anything specific. In fact when we are too specific, too narrow in terms of what we are looking for, we tend to miss everything we were not looking for. “People are meant to see passively not actively….our eyes are meant to see for us, if we let them…vision is meant to be effortless.” (xx) As a result of this insight he stopped wearing glasses and began to actively experiment with the workings of his mind, especially with the integration of mind and eyes, the relationship between the inner and the outer light.

In 1977 he learned of a specific form of light therapy called Syntonics that “therapeutically utilizes different portions of the visible light spectrum to treat, by way of the eyes, an array of bodily conditions.” (xxi) He attended a course at the College of Syntonic Optometry and thus began his life’s work. Liberman concludes the Preface to his book with a concise statement of the basic assumptions upon which his book is written: “Our task is to take in and utilize light so that we may merge with our true selves and our destiny, thus facilitating the healing of our planet. As each of us becomes whole we radiate light – light from within – unimpeded by our self-imposed emotional and physical blocks. The medicine of the future is light. We are healing ourselves with that which is our essence.” (xxii)

His book is all about the science of light, a science that synthesizes scientific knowledge, intuitive knowing, health and personal evolution. Liberman uses the term “science” in its original Latin derivation, that is, “knowledge” and he includes induction, deduction, and intuition as all equal and reliable ways of knowing. He appears to rely most heavily on intuition as the beginning of the scientific process. That is not an unusual stance. In the late nineteenth century, the great philosopher and educator, John Dewey, wrote that all knowing, all science, begins with a hunch, a felt need, an intuition. Further thought and refinement of that hunch results in one or more hypotheses which are then experimentally affirmed or rejected by means of the remaining steps of the scientific method. Liberman maintains that the synthesized nature of the science of light provides a new paradigm in healing. He writes that light is at the core of the new “energy medicine” (healing light energy) of the late twentieth century.

…“light is the basic component from which all life originates, develops, heals, evolves…we are about to see a new marriage between the ‘intuitive’ and the ‘rational’ sciences – a marriage that is bonded by light…Miracle after miracle has convinced me that this science of the future is an investigation of inner space rather than outer space.” (xxv)

1 Jacob Liberman, Light-Medicine of the Future (Santa Fe, New Mexico: Bear and Company, 1991)

p. xxv. This and subsequent direct references from this work are reprinted by permission of Inner

Traditions International, Rochester, Vermont.

About the author:

Bernard J. Fleury, B.A. History and Classical Languages, Ed. D. Philosophy, Government, and Administration, is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Educational Administration.
Dr. Fleury?s lifelong interest in history and a firm belief in the synthesis of faith and reason (theology and science) as two aspects of a single reality ? The Light: God, is clearly evident in his book Called into Life by the Light (website: http://intolifebylight.com).

Energy Medicine Anti-aging Conference

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Ondamed and Energy Medicine Anti-aging Conference

Article by Jim Oschman, Ph.d.
I would like to describe why I am optimistic about the future of medicine in general and anti-aging medicine in particular. My optimism is due to the growing popularity and effectiveness of energetic approaches to medicine. Western biomedicine has held back in looking at life from the energetic perspective because the predominant focus has been on chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology. From my perspective, chemistry is one of many successful approaches to life and health. Energy medicine is filling in many of the previously unexplored or unknown areas in the puzzle of life and healing, and thereby increasing our understandings of how to help patients live longer and happier lives.

Recent medical research is showing that one of the main obstacles to longevity is best described in terms of energy. And the best approach to treatment is energetic. This is exciting to someone who has spent 25 years studying energetics and written two medical texts on energy medicine.

Energy medicine is growing in popularity because it is extremely successful, sometimes resolving conditions that have previously been considered incurable. The main side effect of these methods is an enhancement of the functioning of the immune system, and this is obviously the best thing that we can do to improve health and increase longevity

Let me explain this. If the body is injured or if there is an infection, a set of energetic reactions takes place to alert the whole body that something has happened, and to regulate the healing process. For example, if I get an injury to my arm, a wave of electrical energy called the injury potential spreads away from the site of injury. An orthopedic surgeon, Robert O. Becker, MD, documented this process in papers published in the early 1990’s. Ideally, the injury potential spreads throughout the body and informs every cell of the size and location of the injury. In this way, cells a distance from an injury can participate in the repair process if necessary. For example, in a serious injury, cells from the bone marrow or liver may be recruited to assist in the repair process.

For more read at http://www.ondamed.net

ONDAMED GmbH was founded in 1994 by Rolf Binder, who developed the ONDAMED? Biofeedback System after 25 years of research in biophysical medical testing and therapy. Binder is well known for developing Bioterrain and EAV measurement devices, and other Medical Electronics equipment.

In 2002, the company opened its U.S. subsidiary, Ondamed Inc. and currently has customers around the world. The therapeutic Biofeedback device was invented in Germany 10 years ago and has been available in the US for the past four.For further information, please contact: Silvia Locke, CEO Ondamed, Inc at 845-496-6673 ext 111 or visit