The Doctors Know Best …NOT

June 19, 2009  
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This thought was provoked by your “Government Forced Chemo” post.

Of course we all know that doctors know what is best for us and how long we have to live. Afterall I was told at 24 that I would never live to see 30 if I didn’t go under doctors care for the lupus. Even though I didn’t and that birthday passed almost 30 years ago … weren’t they right?

When I was in a pretty serious auto accident and they said that because of the one injury to my neck, a hangmans fracture to the C2 and C3 (the same that Christopher Reeves had) that I would probably be paralyzed from the neck down. I think of that often while I am out walking by the lake. But they were right, weren’t they?

Oh yeah, and let’s not leave out how when I had a bad flare up a few years ago and they told me that I wouldn’t make it through the winter. My doctor actually told me to “go home and get my affairs in order and pray.” I did do the latter part, but again, they were right weren’t they?

And now they are telling me that they have to slice and dice and radiate me for a Benign tumor. They must be right. Right???

I’ll wait and see on that one!

So if there is anyone that wants to argue with me about how docotors are always right and know what is best for me, go ahead and spout off. I don’t think my mind will hear you since it is out with my body enjoying life. Besides my brain won’t process that idea either…afterall, remember that according to “them” I have been dead (twice even) for almost 30 years!

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2 Responses to “The Doctors Know Best …NOT”
  1. Terri says:

    So. How do you REALLY feel about your doctors?? :)

    I can think of a few times that my own doc has said something that made me suspect that he was saying that just to cover his ass. It seems to me (and I could be wrong) that there are many doctors who will lean to the most negative side of a diagnosis in order to make sure they’ve forewarned their patient just in case. The doctor I have now (not that I really have a primary care physician, so I should clarify that by saying: “the last doctor I saw”) will at least say, “I have no idea what the problem is,” rather than put any sort of label on it. So now I get the… it could be this or that or the other” kind of answers. Wait… is that even an ANSWER???

    • Cathi says:

      That is the kind of answer I like to get. At least then I can research all the possibiities and see which one fits more. Or something like I had been given so many different “lables” back in my “pre-diagnosed” days of lupus.
      Remember when my leg was paralyzed and you so lovingly gave me a new nickname (gimpy)? You wouldn’t believe all the things they told me I had then!

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