The Emotional Holy Grail

May 2, 2009  
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Are you looking for the Emotional Holy Grail to get you through these horrendous economic times? Here are my tips to try and keep panic and anxiety from running away with your life.


This is the single most important thing you can do for your body and mind to relieve stress.  Sleeping 7 hours each night will help to control cortisol responses in the body, which are part of your “flight or fight” mechanism. It will also help to lower any insulin resistance you are developing as a result of being under extensive stress, which can lead to weight gain. Be sure and darken your bedroom as much as possible so that your retinas don’t get any light for at least 4 hours if you want to produce a normal melatonin pattern.


Physical workouts distract your mind and let you focus on taking care of yourself. President Obama is keenly aware of this correlation and fits in a workout every day. Mix and match what you do, from running, weights and stretching, such as Pilates in order to maximize the benefit to your body. Feeling good can go a long way towards helping your mind feel the same.


Panic sets in whenever you don’t have a gameplan, so set yourself a realistic goal for each day. Start with assessing your financial NEEDS instead of WANTS, then start analyzing how/where you can decrease your financial expenditures. Creating a game plan tells your mind you have control, and that is key to putting the lid on runaway panic.


This may sound like an impossible goal, but thinking of others is key if you want to turn  your mind set away from self pity. Appreciate what/who you truly are in life and help someone else feel better about themselves too. The miracle of Lourdes isn’t that everyone is healed, but rather, that you can always find someone suffering more than you.

REMEMBER: Stress is the fertilizer that fuels creativity.

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