The Secret is That There is No Secret

April 15, 2009  
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The camera zoomed in on the Cowardly Lion as he despairingly sobbed into his clenched tail, unconvincingly chanting to himself, “I do believe! I do believe! I do! I do! I do!”

That was my first thought while viewing the popular New Age video (which is now, thanks to Oprah, also a best-selling book), “The Secret.” My second thought was, “What the BLEEP is so ‘secret’ about “The Secret?”

In the “Wizard of Oz,” the ruse wasn’t that there was no Wizard, but rather that the Wizard just wasn’t as powerful and fearsome as he led everyone to believe.  In “The Secret,” the ruse is that there is no powerful and mysterious secret as the author leads you to believe. The concepts of positive thinking, and the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) has never been intentionally withheld from general knowledge, or only known by the elite. Countless numbers of books, dating back thousands of years, have been written, and rewritten, about this subject matter.

The author (and cast members) of “The Secret” advocates throughout the video that we are limited only by our thoughts and beliefs about reality. To some degree, that’s true. We are, after all, mind-directed creatures and tend to act on the basis of our beliefs. Most people come to their beliefs for a variety of reasons having little to do with empirical evidence and logical reasoning. However, in my humble opinion, what’s inherently wrong with “The Secret” is that only one viewpoint is being presented, and it’s being presented to the reader as if it was some newly discovered Universal Truth guaranteed to set you free… and make you rich in the process!

The New Age viewpoint presented in “The Secret” is that EVERYTHING that happens to us is because, on some level, we WANTED it to happen… we even ASKED for it to happen. If we’re not abundantly wealthy, or we have problems in our relationships, or health, or sent off to fight in a war we may not believe in, or even experience a tragedy… regardless of the situation… it’s absolutely a reflection or our own negative thoughts and beliefs. On the other hand, we can have unlimited wealth, perfect health, perfect relationships, perfect careers, and world peace, if only we change our thinking accordingly.   The premise is; Change your thinking and you can have whatever you want, and as much as you want.  But I don’t recall anyone mentioning how you need to change your core beliefs — beliefs that are deep-seated and remain constant over time — before can you begin to change your thinking.

While I agree that the power of positive thinking can, and will, help to create abundance in our lives, I also believe that simply thinking/believing that we can have “it all” doesn’t necessarily equate to getting “it all.”  It takes more than a thought, and more than a belief. It also takes skills and abilities. And, oh yes… courage. Even the Cowardly Lion had to face his fears and put up a good fight in order to succeed, and receive his Badge of Courage. As I have often said, thoughts are energy and action is energy at work. Do something every day towards achieving your dreams – because action is the “real secret” to success.

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2 Responses to “The Secret is That There is No Secret”
  1. Cathi says:

    This reminded me of a joke I once herad. The jist of it was that this preacher heard about a position coming up in his church and it meant a huge bump in pay. So he prays every night for it. He tells God that he really needs this position, and he has been a good and positive influence to the congregation, as well as a good role model. Pays all his tithes, donates to chaities, does charity work…etc., so he know he deserves it. Finally the day comes when they tell who got the position, and it wasn’t him. So then he says to God, “why not me?! You know I deserved it! I have been praying for weeks and You just ignored me!” To which God replies, “Well it would have helped if you had at least put in an application!”

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