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    What we Really need to know

    May 2007 | Filed under General Interest

    What we REALLY Need to Know…

    Ever since the Age of Enlightenment in the eighteenth century, Western thought has idealized the faculties of reasoning and logic above all other ways of knowing ourselves. Analytic and mechanical data hold credibility in our world of technology. As a result, most of us have lost our capacities to imagine, to feel, and to intuit information.

    While there is no way musings on a weblog can answer all of our inner most questions, we can at least strive to understand our most important issues and find out how we truly feel about them. And along the way, perhaps we will be able to discover what it is that we can do, or find new tools that we can use, in order to change whatever it is we intrinsically know we need to change in order to manifest our heart’s desires.

    Native American author, and leaders in their respective tribes, Edna Manitowabi and Miriam YoungChief once stood before an impressive group of executives noted for their achievements and success at a conference on the American economy and, when asked the question, “What is the next step for American business?” replied, “No one can tell us what actions to take. Each of us needs to discover this on our own. First, we must know who we are and second, how we behave. Then we will know what actions to take. We will not have to ask what to do. We will simply do it.”

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