Marketing The “Pink Campaign” and Breast Cancer

I want to talk about the "Pink Campaign" for Breast Cancer. I recently watched a documentary that was released in 2010 called Pink Ribbons, Inc, and I was disturbed and perplexed for several reasons. I had a lump in my breast several years ago and had it removed, so I am an advocate for breast … [Read more...]

Chiropractic Care: Non-Medicinal Remedies for Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by a variety of conditions and injuries. Chiropractic care is used as an effective form of treatment for almost any type of back pain. It can be used as an effective treatment when managing back pain caused by both injuries and medical conditions. As a primary treatment … [Read more...]

For Some Women, an Orgasm is a Rare Occurrence

Have you lost your sex drive? Take heart; it's not lost! You just need to know where to look. Loss of desire can happen in your 30s as well as before and during menopause. It's not simply a matter of hormonal changes, though lack of estrogen and hormonal imbalances do factor in. Menopausal women … [Read more...]

Text Neck

Did you know that spending so much time texting and using your mobile devices is bad for your spine? The pressure on the spine doubles for every inch that the head tilts forward, and just about everywhere you go you'll see people looking down at their mobile device. Of the 6 billion people in the … [Read more...]

What to Expect While You Grieve

My grief process will take much longer than you want it to. You can't fix this for me by doing anything but you can just be there for me. I will be in a sort of fog for at least 3 months. When the fog lifts, I might get worse. I will have periods of doing okay, then I will feel despair … [Read more...]

California Residents to be Fined $500 a Day

Overwatering your lawn, washing your car without a shut-off nozzle, and using a water fountain that does not recycle the same water could now cost you up to $500 a day in fines in the state of California. The State Water Resources Control Board approved emergency regulations late last night that … [Read more...]

NCAM Proposing a Name Change

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a division of the National Institute of Health, is planning on changing its name to something more conventional. On May 16th, the center proposed a name change to the National Center for Research on Complementary and Integrative … [Read more...]