Healing Body, Mind & Soul

by Cathi

For this article, I will discuss the four functions of the mind and how discordant thoughts can manifest in each of our bodies.

Healing the Physical Body

Through years of neglect, improper nutrition, air/water/food pollutants and daily stress mismanagement we have basically become walking septic systems. Our inner world is being polluted all the time. Between the polluted air we breath, the pesticide ladden food we eat and the chemically treated water that we drink, our bodies are slowly building up momentum that causes internal erruptions.

Our physical body has stress points, much like our precious Earth. And although we can't clean the world in a short period of time, (but don't stop trying!) we can save our inner world, here and now.

The first step is cleaning out all the accumulated toxins. There are a few ways that one can go about this, such as Herbs, Vitamins, fasts, colonic flushes, diet and water consuption, to name just a few. The choice is yours - just make sure that you are educated in your choice and/or seek a qualified professional.

Next you need to repair the physical damage that has been done. There are plenty of natural products that can help our bodies repair the damage. Find out what foods contain the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients, trace minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals that our bodies need to function properly. There are also herbs and vitamins for those of us who find it easier to 'pop a pill' than to try and get some of the more healthy foods past our tastebuds. However, if you choose to do herbs, tinctures are usually the best way to go as they are absorbed through the blood vessels under the tongue. Again, it is very important that you are well informed and get the help of a qualified professional, as there are tests that can be done to find out just what your body is lackng or not producing. A practitioner with 'user experience' is a plus.

And then we have the Spiritual way, where we learn to listen to our bodies and Inner Guides/MAP Team. We learn to understand the signals, which includes the aches and pains, so that we can heal from a higher vibrational level, where it began to manifest. We learn to recreate and reprogram the diseased patterns.

I also believe that every herb and plant was put here for our benefit and since we are the ones who are destroying our bodies, then we should have a hand in restoring and healing them. This holds true on all levels of healing. To quote an old cliche..."God helps those who help themselves."

Healing the Mental / Emotional Body:
The Conscious Mind

Our conscious mind filters every thought, feeling, idea, situation and experience. It makes distinctions, interprets, classifies, critiques, judges, compares, computes and then accepts or rejects input from outside sources. It also interprets all of our life data as it is recalled from the sub-conscious. Therefore our Emotional Mind/Body is a virtual storehouse of all our feelings and sensations from the past.

When it functions with accurate info, it can be our guardian and protector. However it can also be our greatest hinderance to healing and positive change, especally if during our childhood it was fed with negative, distorted or incorrect info. Unfortunately, due to faulty beliefs that were programmed since childhood, the conscious mind can actually deny info that is vital to the healing process, no matter how profound or positive the new info can impact our life.

Fortunately, the conscious mind can accept new beliefs. Just as it established values based on 'bad experiences' or false beliefs, by providing new and accurate info and positive experiences, we can re-create a whole new sence of Being. Negative thoughts prevent the mind from transmitting good health. Likewise negative emotions held within the Emotional Mind/Body preven good health from manifesting on the physical level.

The purpose of the Emotional Release during Reiki is to use the aware positive mind to clear these past traumas and heal the emotions and their negative effect on the human body.

Healing the Spiritual Body:
The Sub-conscious Mind

This Mind/Body contains the 'pure data' of every instant of your life. Not how we reacted to certain events or experiences, but how they actually occured. It records everything through our sences and not our emotions.

With the guidance and help of a skilled Healer, through Imagery/Meditation we can access our past experiences with a different perspective and heal our reactions and emotions through understanding, acceptace and forgiveness. Once we change our perspectives of the past, it greatly affects how we feel about life in the present.

While this process of clearing your channels can be done by yourself, sometimes it helps to have an unbiased opinion to help you understand the past and it's lessons. Besides, why go through the 'junk' alone if you don't have to. And even though Reiki alone can be used to heal this Mind/Body, it's it's sort of like having a 'cheat sheet' for an exam... the answers are there, but the learning and growing process is stiffled. Reiki can however help you ease the fears of opening up and communicating, whether it's with your Reiki Practitioner, someone else or even your own conscious mind.

Your thoughts, and the way you perceive situations are recorded in every cell of your body. Therefore every cell in your body thinks. At every moment of your life, your body becomes what you think.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK! By changing the way we think and turning 'victim' issues into learning experiences, we change the energy field of our body.

Energy shifts and releases during a healing session can provide reinforcement from the conscious mind that changes can and are happening.

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