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Healing the Physical, Mental, 
Emotional and Spiritual Bodies
By Rev. Cathi
Part > 1, 2, 3

Healing the Mental / Emotional Body:
The Conscious Mind
Our conscious mind filters every thought, feeling, idea, situation and experience. It makes distinctions, interprets, classifies, critiques, judges, compares, computes and then accepts or rejects input from outside sources. It also interprets all of our life data as it is recalled from the sub-conscious. Therefore our Emotional Mind/Body is a virtual storehouse of all our feelings and sensations from the past. 

When it functions with accurate info, it can be our guardian and protector. However it can also be our greatest hinderance to healing and positive change, especally if during our childhood it was fed with negative, distorted or incorrect info. Unfortunately, due to faulty beliefs that were programmed since childhood, the conscious mind can actually deny info that is vital to the healing process, no matter how profound or positive the new info can impact our life.

Fortunately, the conscious mind can accept new beliefs. Just as it established values based on 'bad experiences' or false beliefs, by providing new and accurate info and positive experiences, we can re-create a whole new sence of Be-ing. 

Negative thoughts prevent the mind from transmitting good health. Likewise negative emotions held within the Emotional Mind/Body preven good health from manifesting on the physical level.

The purpose of the Emotional Release during Reiki is to use the aware positive mind to clear these past traumas and heal the emotions and their negative effect on the human body.

Part 1 > Healing the Physical Body
Part 2 > Healing the Mental / Emotional Body
Part 3 > Healing the Spiritual Body

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