How to Meet Your Guardian Angels

by Cathi
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If you want to hear from your Angels the first step is to get out of the rat race. Slow down, relax and be receptive to that small still voice inside, that all of us hear, at one time or another.

The next step is to simply believe. That old saying of "I'll believe it when I see it"... well it really should be "When I believe it, I will see it!" Communication with Angels starts by simply accepting the idea that they do exist, and are all around us. Become quiet and go inside yourself. All you have to do is ask, call on them, then sit back and wait. They will come.

According to those regularly in touch with Angels, they may appear in many forms - not just the wingged form with halos (although children and the elderly often report seeing this form). Angels may look like the person next door, a sweet faced child, a beloved relative who has passed on, a beautiful woman, a bright unearthly light or they may be nothing more than an overwhelming feeling of love, peace, comfort and contentment.

Frequently the appearence of an Angel is accompanied by a heightened sence of colors, especially blues and greens, as these are the hues associated with Angels. They also may appear, trailing wonderful fragrances in their wakes. The unexplained scent of roses or pine in the air may be a clue that an Angel has passed by. The refreshing smell of a rich pine forest is associated with Angels on a healing mission. A sandalwood fragrance may also mean healing Angels, but more often indicate those who arrive with creative and inspirational messages or instructions. Guardian Angels radiate a fragrance that is sweeter than a flower garden in bloom.

There are 3 ways to know for sure that an Angel has come to call:

  1. You'll feel a calm and peaceful serenity descending over you, even when the Angel is not seen.
  2. Their messages are always along the lines of 'fear not' 'don't worry', 'things are working out perfectly', you're going to like this', and 'wait'. Never once do you hear an Angel trumpeting bad news.
  3. You will 'remember' what you have seen or heard or felt, and you're never quite be the same again.

For those who wish to reach out to Guardian Angels, here are some suggestions:

  • Study literature which contains mention of the Angels. Familiarize yourself with all the known realizations about them.
  • Keep praying that you will be drawn into an association with one who sees and understands the Great Ones. Strive to live so that your teachers will seek to become your best friends.
  • At least once a year, but more if possible, take a pilgrimage into nature and practice sending the Angels love, devotion and your receptivity to them.
  • Every day be eager to feel the guidance and nearness of the 'shinning ones', and be grateful for the slightest token of their helpfulness.
  • Finally, just be aware that you are in the presence of Angels and the Angels may make their presence known to you!

Terry Lynn Taylor, author of several Angel books including "Guardians of Hope" and "Messengers of Light" says this concerning Angels: 'Angels speak to us through our thoughts ... You don't need to do anything fancy or be at a 'high' Spiritual level. All you need to do is to trust yourself and practice the attitudes of the Angels, such as taking yourself lightly, thinking positively, nurturing hope, meditating on self love, being kind in your thoughts and actions and realizing that the Angels love you unconditionally. The Angels help anyone who asks..."

Note: Any being that you can summon at will probably isn't an Angel. Usually you meet your Angels through humble prayer and quiet seeking, but they can not be 'forced' to come. Angels will appear when God decides it is right to do so.

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