What are Spirit Guides?

by Cathi

Spirit Guides are among the group of Enlightened and evolved Beings who have chosen to stay in the Spirit realms to assist/guide us.

We all have at least one "Master Guide" who is with us for the duration of this lifetime, and many others who come and go as they are needed. For instance... I have a little Chinese Guide who made his appearance when I started to get into Herbs, and He deals strictly with that part of my path.

Sometimes a Spirit Guide will come in for just one particular purpose, and when their 'job' is done they will move on. If you have ever suddenly felt like you had 'just lost your best friend' then it is likely that one of your guides has just left and is making way for the next one to come to you.

One of the easiest ways to communicate wth your guides, if you have trouble 'sensing' or 'hearing' them is with a pendulum. But again, I can not stress enough the importance of surrounding yourself with the Light of God's protection before you try to communicate with any Spirit, and make sure that you declare, in no uncertain terms, that you are of the Light, and only that which is from the Light is welcome.

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