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  1. What is Reiki?
  2. The History and Origins of Reiki
  3. The Reiki Principles
  4. Auras and Colors
  5. Introduction to Chakras
  6. Working with your Healing Guides
  7. Benefits of First Degree Reiki
  8. Hand placements
  9. Healing Benefits of the Hand Positions
  10. Reiki Ethics
  11. First Reiki Symbol
  12. Preparing for a Reiki Attunement
Introduction to Chakras
by Terri
Clinical Indications by Dr. Bobin

What is a Chakra, and how does it relate to Reiki? While working with the Chakras is not part and parcel of the original Usui healing system, I feel that it helps to understand these energy centers. Consider this as yet another "tool" which can be used in conjunction with Reiki.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word for "spinning wheel" or "vortex" and resemble spinning wheels of flowing energy. During a Reiki healing the hand positions are placed primarily over the chakras and acupoints. The Usui System of Natural Healing (Reiki) recognizes the link-up of the etheric and physical bodies, and the connection between the chakras and the endocrine glands.

The chakras are located on the etheric body, one layer away from the physical body. A full Reiki session covers all of the chakras, which are in a vertical line down the center of the body (front and back) and all of the body's organs. I was taught that it's not all that critical to know the exact locations of the chakras in order to do a Reiki treatment, however, based on my own experience, it does help to focus the energy on key points. 


First -- Base of spine (survival issues, seat of Kundalini, creativity) 
Second -- Genital area (feeling/emotional center) 

Third -- Behind the navel / Solar Plexus (power and wisdom center) 

Fourth -- Heart (Love and compassion) 

Fifth -- Throat (communication, self-expression, clairaudience) 

Sixth -- Between brow / Third Eye (Intuitive center, clairvoyance) 

Seventh -- Crown (connects us with our Spiritual self) 


Crown - Violet
Brow (or Third Eye) - Indigo
Throat - Blue
Heart - Green with Pink
Solar Plexus - Yellow
Spleen - Orange
Root - Red

Tantra has been credited with introducing the concept of "Chakras," or psychic energy centers. In tantric art, each of the seven major chakras contains a positive or a negative charge, a numerical and an alphabetic value, a particular affinity with an element, with one of the senses, and with a particular tonal quality. These centers and lines found throughout the body are pure energy. According to physics, solid matter does not really exist. Everything is made up of energy, and has a vibration. Thoughts, trauma, drugs and stress tend to block these energy centers. 

Each chakra is believed to generate a form of what we refer to as "drive." They align through the center of the body, with the spine as their axis. The first chakra's drive is toward the material. Its desire is to acquire and posses. The second, the sex drive. Third relates to power issues. The fourth governs intimate connection. Fifth chakra contains the drive to communicate as well as the spiritual drive. The sixth generates intellect and affects consciousness as well as the potential for inner vision. 

In other words, the chakras represent natural human desires --- to posses, copulate, achieve, love, communicate, understand, and finally, to ascend; to exceed ourselves by touching All That Is, or the Cosmic Consciousness. 

Since the Chakras are conductors of energy, they are of extreme importance in manifesting what you want onto this plane as well as working with the energy used in Reiki. When blocked, the energy will not flow properly and could hinder the healing efforts. In lesson 1, you were taught that the Reiki energy will go to where it's most needed, no matter what. And it will.  However, if there are blocks in our (the Reiki practitioner) energy centers not much energy can / will flow through. Associate this with the adage, "physician, heal thyself." If we ourselves are not "healed" (body, mind and soul), how can we help heal another? 

When you learn the hand placements for doing a full Reiki healing, you will notice that there are three head positions which cover the Crown and Third Eye centers. The Crown chakra is located at the top of the head and slightly to the back of the highest part of the skull. The Crown is the place where we make that connection with the Universal Source, and the place where we meet (and work with) our Reiki Healing Guides.  It's been said that all illness begins in the mind. Thus the first hand placements are on the head.

ADDITIONAL LESSONS: Clinical indications and additional lessons by "Dr. Bobin" are posted on our Community Forum. The following are a few samples taken from over 20 lessons posted by Dr. Bobin:

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