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Why We Need to Detox

Symptoms of Toxic Overload

Virtually any adverse symptom a person may experience can be caused by toxic overload. Toxins work in the body by competing for mineral receptor sites at the enzyme level. The inability of an enzyme to function properly can manifest itself in many different disease states depending upon each individual’s genetic makeup (DNA). Consequently, it is always important to address your own toxic load whenever you have any kind of symptom that does not seem normal. The speed of symptom onset, from acute (fast) to chronic (slow) depends upon the degree of toxic exposure as well as each individual’s genetic make-up. With Eidon's Detox Foot Patches (Treat Your Feet!) you can safely and effectively detox your body while you sleep... and get a sound nights sleep at the same time!

Today, many of our unexplainable diseases are directly associated with high levels of tissue toxins. Some of them are as follows:

1. Fatigue and chronic fatigue
2. Foggy thinking
3. Memory Loss
4. Chronic Pain
5. Weak immune system
6. Weak thyroid
7. Arthritis
8. Constipation
9. Heart Disease
10. Skin Ailments
11. and anything associated with accelerated degeneration

Lymph Our Natural Defense Against Toxic Exposure
Our bodies are naturally equipped with a wondrous mechanism, our lymph system. This elaborate system is interactive with every organ in the body. Our lymph system is designed to filter out toxic substances and excess fluid from tissues and is intricately involved in immune function. It is our antibody roadway and it removes cellular waste and undesirable toxins that have found their way into our bodies. The lymph has been called “the River of Life” and cannot cleanse or purify if it is weak on congested. The lymph system does not have a pumping mechanism except for muscle contraction. Therefore, the need for physical movement, exercise, and periodic detoxification is imperative for a well functioning lymph system.

The Role Of The Feet In The Detoxification Process
Different forms of working on the feet to effect health have been used since ancient times. The law of similars states, "Whatever is happening inside the body is identical and similar at the end of the nerves in the hands and feet." The sole of the foot is viewed as an area that reflects the wellness of the body.

The feet are a map of the body; they are divided into zones that correspond to specific body systems. It is possible to target and cleanse ones liver, colon, kidneys, or other body systems by positioning the Eidon Foot Patch on that target area of the foot. Manually stimulating the desired area to be detoxified before applying the foot patch increases the circulation and clears debris, sending more energy directly to the corresponding organ or body part. The body is thus encouraged to restore balance by lessening its toxic load.

* A Note About Purity
Eidon’s foot patches have been evaluated against all of the currently available patches. First we evaluated the contents. We eliminated those products with ingredients that could serve little or no purpose including chitison to avoid problems for those with shellfish allergies. Then because wood vinegar rapidly oxidizes and loses potency when exposed to air and moisture we eliminated those products not packaged individually in airtight plastic packages. (Soft zip lock bags that are not air tight). Next we took a good long look at bamboo and wood vinegar powders. The active ingredient in both wood and bamboo vinegar powder is pyroligneous acid, bamboo vinegar contains about 1 - 2% pyroligneous high quality wood vinegar contains 3% - 5% pyroligneous acid, approximately 3x stronger. We also found that some bamboo and wood vinegar had other issues (impurities). We noticed that when using some patches, many of our volunteers including myself, complained that their perspiration smelled like mildew and smoke. This made us realize that the ingredients were no doubt getting into our blood stream. We then eliminated all products with bamboo vinegar, because the potency and any wood vinegar products that were dark in color, or with a strong smoke smell, is improperly processed bamboo or wood vinegar which can contain Dioxin and other hazardous toxins.

Learn more about the Detox Foot Paches and ORDER HERE

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