What to Expect While You Grieve

My grief process will take much longer than you want it to.

You can’t fix this for me by doing anything but you can just be there for me.

I will be in a sort of fog for at least 3 months. When the fog lifts, I might get worse.

I will have periods of doing okay, then I will feel despair again.

I will be exhausted. Grief is hard work.

My desire, creativity, and motivation will be gone for quite awhile.

My ability to experience joy may also be absent.

I will have a range of emotions from irritability to inexplicable rage and it may be targeted at you. Please forgive me.

I am vulnerable, I feel brittle, and I do not feel resilient.

I can’t take too much stimulation. I probably won’t’feel like being sociable.

I know you miss the old me, but I’m forever changed by the loss of my loved one.

It will feel as though I haven’t made any progress. However, I am slowly healing with occasional normal setbacks.

I will heal. Please be patient, loving, and understanding.

- author unknown