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Relaxation at Will

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Terri R.
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 01, 2004 4:24 pm    Post subject: Relaxation at Will Reply with quote

Don't worry about it. Relax. Things always have a way of working out. Easy enough to say, isn't it. And it sounds simple enough. But just how easy is it to relax at will? We all know how to relax, but achieving a relaxed or meditative state can sometimes seem impossible.

The following technique was given to me years ago by a friend, M. Catherine McFarland. I was so impressed with it that, to this day, I still use this technique. She calls it the "Relaxation Rainbow."

1. Take a comfortable full breath and hold to the count of 4, then release it slowly, feeling the pent-up stress in your body flow out with your breath.

2. With your mind's eye, visualize the color red. If you wish you may visualize something in red, such as an apple. When you've "seen" the color speak its name (silently or aloud).

3. When you have "seen red," visualize orange, or something that is orange. Speak its name. After orange, visualize yellow and name it. Then green... blue... violet (or purple).

4. Then visualize yourself. From a point just above your head, see a white light flowing down and around you until it fills and surrounds you. (Catherine likened this part to that transporter beam on the Enterprise, from Star Trek. Smile )

5. While the image of light surrounds you, you may wish to speak (silently or aloud) a blessing such as "The pure light of the God/dess' love surrounds me. Only good may come to me and only good will go out from me. I am surrounded by Divine love and protection." [You can also visualize this as the Reiki energy.]

6. Hold this image as long as it will stay withou forcing it. As it fads from your mind's eye, remember that the light and protection remain with you, just beyond your vision.

7. Now you are ready to go on, either into a deeper meditation activity, to a spiritual activity, Distance Healing work, or on with your daily life feeling relaxed yet energized.

With practice, you can learn to "run through" the colors any time you feel the need for a time-out from your hectic schedule. Additionaly, this techniques offers two extras: It helps develop the ability to use the third eye (brow chakra) to visualize and it activates all other chakras.

What's your favorite meditation technique?

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 01, 2004 11:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

That sounds good Smile
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