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Independent Karuna Studies (IKS) Lesson 1

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Terri R.
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Joined: 21 Apr 2004
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 2:27 pm    Post subject: Independent Karuna Studies (IKS) Lesson 1 Reply with quote


According to the rules that govern the Karuna Reiki system, the "Karuna Reiki(TM) Attunements can only be passed to Reiki Master/Teachers.  However, since all I'm going to be doing is TEACHING the course -- not doing the Attunements -- this will be open to anyone who wants to learn about this particular system of Reiki. I will provide all of the information I was taught, and according to the Center for Reiki Training.

One note I'd like to make right now -- The Founder of the Karuna Reiki™ will not allow me to teach the course online (See post: Re: Karuna Reiki) unless I call it something other than the trademarked name; "Karuna Reiki." In addition, while I am registered with the Center, I am not "Center Certified." Why? Because, at the time I was Attuned to the Karuna, I could not afford all of the Center's fees and such. The courses, registration fees, books, etc., etc., offered by the Center are rather costly.... I'm not saying that it's a bad thing to charge so much for these courses. I'm only saying that I can't afford it. Since the time of my Karuna Attunement, the registration form and fees have changed. It is not mandatory that I sign the new registration form, since I am registered under the old program. However, by not signing the new form, I must also state that "The (Karuna Reiki) classes and treatments offered here do not meet current standards."

By the way, "current standards" prohibit teaching the class online.

Therefore, with all that said, I will be referring to this course as "Independent Karuna Studies." I'm going to start out with something that is used in both the Usui and the Karuna methods of healing.

Lesson 1 - Full Healing
Before the client comes you for a Reiki treatment, you may want to prepare your work area by burning some candles. You may also want to burn some sage, to cleanse the area. However, keep in mind that some people suffer from various allergies and may not be able to handle the smoke, or the aroma of any incense. If you do wish to use incense to cleanse your area, be sure to air out the room in advance.

Once you meet with your client, spend a few minutes explaining the process, the hand positions, and answering any questions he/she may have. Also have the person read and fill out the Client Information Form.

Since you may be placing your hands on the person's face, wash your hands before and after the treatment. Make sure the client, and you are comfortable during the treatment. If either of you are in an uncomfortable position, it will slow the flow of Reiki and you may tend to rush through the entire process. Especially make sure your arms and hands are relaxed. Draw the Cho Ku Rei in the middle of the room, visualizing it on the walls, ceiling and floor. Next, draw this symbol from the top of your head down to spiral in the solar plexus so as to clear, protect, and empower you. Sit quietly with your hands on your lap doing Reiki on yourself for a few moments. Invite your Healing Guides to assist you in this healing, asking that they work with you to protect the process, and create the most powerful healing possible for the client, and for the Highest Good of all.

Draw the Cho Ku Rei on each of your palms, and draw all three symbols (the ones you have been attuned to) over the person's crown chakra imagining them going through the crown and into the heart. NOTE: In the Karuna healing method, the next step is to "Scan," which will be discussed in the next lesson.

Begin the standard treatment. In the Karuna method, you also draw or visualize the power symbol over any areas that need special attention and also inside the body within the organs, or areas that need healing. However, you may also use other symbols you have been attuned to which you feel would be most beneficial.

This next step is done in the Karuna method, but not the Usui method: Beaming
For this, you use the distant healing symbol and "beam" the Reiki energy to your client from across the room. It's believed that this process allows you to treat the whole aura at once, before entering the physical body where it is needed. This is best done by moving five or six feet away, so that you are outside of the person's aura, and using your hands and/or eyes "beam" the Reiki to the client. Simply allow your attention to focus on your awareness of the Reiki energy as it flows through your hands and/or eyes. Beaming can be done at the end of the treatment session or by itself, as the session (i.e. in situations where you cannot get close enough to the person; hospitals, burn victims, etc..

End the treatment by sealing the person's energy field by drawing the power symbol on the client's solar plexus and covering it with your hand briefly and stating to yourself, "I completely seal this Reiki treatment with divine love and wisdom." Brushing down the
aura from the head to the feet also helps to complete the treatment. (This procedure is, as you have noted, unlike the Reiki finish used in the Usui method.)

After the person has gone, sit quietly doing Reiki on yourself. Visualize the power symbol on the walls and in the center of the room to clear and protect the room. Your Reiki energies will be high at this time so use them for your special projects, distant healing,


By using the chakras in the palms of your hands, it is possible to sense the area where you will want to focus the healing energy the longest. The process is simple. Place your non-dominate hand about 12 inches away from the top of the person's head. Place your
consciousness in the palm of your hand and notice how it feels. Then move your hand closer to the person, about three to four inches from the top of the head, and begin moving your hand over the person's face, and down to the feet (keeping your hands about four inches away from the body). As you slowly move your hand be aware of any changes in the energy levels in your hand. When you feel any change at all, that will be the area where the person needs Reiki most. You may feel coolness, warmth, pressure, distortion, or any variety of changes in the way your hand feels. It may be very slight, or very intense. Trust your instincts. As you do this more often, your ability will improve.

As soon as you notice a change, move your hand up and down the area until you find the height where you feel the most distortion. This area may be above the physical body, or actually on the physical body. When you find this range, bring both hands together at this spot and channel Reiki. Remain channeling until you feel the flow of Reiki subside, or until you feel it's time to move on to the next area. Re-scan the area when you're done as a confirmation. If you are going to do both scanning and a regular treatment, scanning should be done first. Follow the same procedure for self-scanning.

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Terri R.
Site Admin

Joined: 21 Apr 2004
Posts: 261
Location: So. Calif.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2004 11:43 am    Post subject: Re: Karuna Reiki - Why it cannot be taught online Reply with quote

This letter was sent to me AFTER Rand had publicly stated during a live Chat event that he felt it WAS possible to do distance/online attunements. I suppose he meant to say that it's possible to do distance or online attunements with any other method of Reiki... just not with the Karuna method. Who knows why. Maybe he feels that the Karuna energy just can't "go the distance." Wink


Vision Publications
The International Center for Reiki Training

Wednesday, December 30, 1998

Dear Terri Ramacus,

I notice you have been teaching Karuna ReikiŽ on the Internet and plan to place this training on a web site. I appreciate your enthusiasm for teaching Karuna ReikiŽ and your desire to make it easily available to people.

However, Karuna ReikiŽ is trademarked and because of this it is necessary for the advertised minimum quality standards to be maintained. It is our responsibility to make sure this happens and it is also the responsibility of those who use Karuna ReikiŽ. In order to maintain quality standards, the attunement process must be done in person. It cannot be done at a distance. (While I realize that people are doing attunements at a distance, I do not feel that the same quality is possible as when the attunement is given in person.) Also, the same Karuna ReikiŽ manual used by the Center must be given to each student. We have not given you or others in this country permission to reproduce this manual, therefore, you do not have permission to place this manual on your web site or to send it oven the Internet. The manual given to the student, needs to be a hard copy that is reproduced by the Center.

Note that #3 of your signed agreement states that you will give the same attunements as given by the Center. This attunement must be in person. Also in #4, that you will give the same manual as used by the Center. This must be a hard copy manual reproduced by the Center.

Also, we now have a new program for Karuna ReikiŽ. While this program is not mandatory for you since you have already signed up with the old program, any new people who intend to use the term Karuna ReikiŽ must sign up with the new program.

Also if you intend to continue using Karuna ReikiŽ without signing up with the new registration program that includes the code of ethics and minimum teaching standards, you must place the following statement at the bottom of each page.

* Karuna ReikiŽ is the registered trademark of the International Center for Reiki Training. The classes and treatments offered here do not meet current standards.

I suggest that you sign up with our new program and follow it's guidelines.

To clarify; given our own responsibilities to those who use our trademark, we cannot give you permission to teach Karuna ReikiŽ over the Internet on from a web page.

*Karuna ReikiŽ is the registered trademark of The International Center for Reiki Training

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Terri R.
Site Admin

Joined: 21 Apr 2004
Posts: 261
Location: So. Calif.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2004 11:51 am    Post subject: Karuna Teaching Requirements Reply with quote

Karuna Teaching Requirements (1998)

1. Use the same Karuna ReikiŽ symbols taught by The International Center for Reiki Training.
2. Use the same Karuna ReikiŽ attunement (s) taught by The International Center for Reiki Training.
3. Use the Karuna ReikiŽ manual(s) offered by the Center as your class manual and provide one for each student. You must purchase these manuals from the Center - no photocopying is allowed. These manuals are sold at a discount price to Registered teachers when purchased in lots of five or more.
4. Explain Karuna ReikiŽ trademark and registration information to students, and obtain properly completed forms.

5. Issue Center certificates to your students which come with the Center manual. Fill in the students name, date and your signature. The registration number and seal will be sent to the student by the Center when we receive the students Karuna ReikiŽ registration form.
6. Teach the following subjects:
a Describe the history of Karuna ReikiŽ as described in the manual.
h Describe how to draw each symbol and have each student memorize them.
c. Describe how to activate the symbols.
d. Describe the uses of each symbol.
e. Give the Center attunement for each level taught.
f. Provide practice time in the use of each symbol.
g If it is a master class, demonstrate and allow practice time for each attunement.
Ii. Demonstrate and practice chanting and toning.
i Provide practice time in the use of each symbol.
7. Minimum class time requirements:
ď Karuna ReikiĆ I practitioner, 5-7 hours
ď Karuna ReikiĆ II practitioner, 5-7 hours
ď Karuna ReikiĆ I Master 5-7 hours
ď Karuna ReikiĆ II Master 5-7 hours
ď Karuna ReikiĆ I & II Master 14-21 hours and a minimum of 2 days

8. Conduct a written test on the symbols.
9. Provide the students with class review forms for every class.
10. Submit a copy of class reviews with registration forms to the Center.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, 2004 12:55 pm    Post subject: karuna Reply with quote

dear terri

will try to folow karuna lessons. only found the first one. thanks so much....

love.... meera
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Terri R.
Site Admin

Joined: 21 Apr 2004
Posts: 261
Location: So. Calif.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 27, 2004 8:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi meera... glad to see you made it over to our new forum. Very Happy

It may take me awhile to get all of the Karuna information posted. I've since set up a new computer and many, many of my files are still on the old one. I haven't had time to move everything over.... I wanted to get the Reiki manuals done before I started messing around with computer stuff. As soon as I can carve out a block of time, I'm going to search through the old computer and then update the Level III manual to include the Karuna, symbols and all.

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