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The Amazing Healing Tea: Flor-Essence

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2004 2:45 pm    Post subject: The Amazing Healing Tea: Flor-Essence Reply with quote

A WORD OF CAUTION: This is a PRESS RELEASE, so read it with a grain of salt.... or a cup of tea. Smile


Word is spreading of a healing tea that appears to remedy cancer. Testimonials are arriving as people with a variety of illnesses attest to the benefits of Flor-Essence tea. One example comes from Jamie a homemaker living in New Jersey.

(PRWEB) July 6, 2004 In 1992, at the age of 38, Jamie, was diagnosed with breast cancer. "The lump was removed surgically and I received radiation treatments. But that is not where the story ended,” says Jamie.

Jamie continued to be sick and over the next five years, was diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lymes disease and suffered incapacitating headaches as well as chest pains. Then in 1997 the results of a CAT scan revealed her cancer had spread to her lungs.
"They went after two lumps in one lung, leaving one tumor in the other lung. Then my doctor said that the prognosis was very poor, and there wasn’t much that could be done for me at that time" Jamie explains. "Two other labs confirmed his diagnosis. I took morphine for the pain and anti-depressants for the ‘death sentence’ that was handed me.”

"My daughter, Jenny, was only in the fifth grade at that time and my husband had recently lost his job. I have a nursing degree and knew I was facing hard times.”

Caring friends offered Jamie a variety of alternative therapies but one product kept coming up in conversations: Flor-Essence tea. "About the fifth time someone brought it up I decided to look into it," says Jamie. "I began drinking it three times a day and it began to work. It was a subtle, gentle change," she says. "Little by little my strength returned and my outlook brightened. Amazingly, the tumor in my lung stopped growing."

Jamie, who had little hope of survival, is here today to talk about Flor-Essence tea. "I recently attended Jenny’s high school graduation, which I didn’t know if I would live to see.” says Jamie.

Eight years have passed since Jamie began drinking Flor-Essence tea. Her outlook is bright and her doctors are delighted. "Even one of my doctors started drinking the tea," she says.

For hundreds of years America’s native cultures have been aware of the healing properties of plants, weeds and herbs. The ingredients in Flor-Essence are attributed to the Ojibwa Native American folk tribe where it was "discovered" in 1922 by Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse who was working at the Sisters of Providence Hospital in northern Ontario.

In a CD entitled “Keeping Hope Alive” the now deceased Caisse tells the story.

"One day, as an elderly lady patient was being bathed, I noticed that one breast was a mass of scar tissue and I asked about it," said Caisse.

The woman, who worked in a tiny mining town in the far reaches of the North, had advanced breast cancer and doctors recommended surgery. But an old Indian medicine man near the camp where she and her husband lived said he had a remedy. Willing to try anything, the woman drank the potion every day.

"When I saw her she was 80 years old," notes Caisse, "and she had no recurrence of cancer."

Caisse began using it on her cancer patients. The results were so outstanding that she bottled it. The formula is now available to anyone, sold under the trade name Flor-Essence in health food stores nationwide. (The CD is available by calling 800-446-2110.)

Jamie is only one of many people attesting to the powers of Flor-Essence.

Wilbur D., a 58-year-old man who was diagnosed with prostate cancer, found relief after two months of treatments. All hardness in the prostate had vanished and so did the excruciating pain during urination.

A basal cell carcinoma of the right cheek had turned into an open lesion for Russell M. but with Flor-Essence tea, the lesion was noticeably smaller and after three additional weeks, it was healed.

Harriet, another New Jersey homemaker, was on vacation in 1999 with her family, when she began feeling ill. "I had no energy for anything," says the mother of two. "And my breasts hurt." A doctor’s visit confirmed that Harriet had breast cancer. "I had an inflammatory form of breast cancer. The biopsy showed that it was very aggressive," says Harriet.

Harriet age 57, underwent chemotherapy, radiation and a mastectomy for her left breast.

"It takes the toxins right out of my body," says Harriet, who’s feeling more like her nickname Happy every day. "And it helped me fly through the chemo treatments. On days when I don’t have it, I feel achy all over. But if I stick to my regular regimen, I feel good again. The cancer has not spread or returned. I’ve been cancer-free for five years now. It’s like a miracle drink.”

In a study conducted at the University of Texas Center for Alternative Medicine, among nearly 5,000 people who used the product, over 72 percent found the results of the tea to be good to excellent. And an incredible 44 percent were found to have no evidence of cancer with their last checkup.

Although modern medicine continues to make strides in helping us live longer, the field of herbal cures continues to attract followers who want alternative choices for healing. It’s estimated that more than half of all cancer patients will seek herbal remedies as a supplement to their clinically prescribed regimen.

For more information on Flor-Essence tea contact the manufacturer Flora Inc. at 1-800-446-2110 or visit www.florahealth.com
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