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Eliminate Cellulite

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Terri R.
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2004 10:35 pm    Post subject: Eliminate Cellulite Reply with quote

The typical American diet includes more refined and processed foods than the diet of any other nation. When food is refined and processed, not only is fiber removed, but simple sugars often replace complex carbohydrates. A diet low in fiber and high in sugar can be a major contributing factor to excess weight gain, along with those unsightly pockets of cellulite.

So... how does one get rid of those "cottage cheese" thighs? You could try Liposuction, but that isn't safe, nor is it a permanent solution. Then there's the "New and Improved" method - Ultrasonic Liposuction (UAL). With this method, the fat is first broken up by ultrasonic sound waves. The UAL is very costly, and too new to rate.

The healthiest way to get rid of that nasty cellulite is to start with a total detoxification program. Include herbs such as Oregon grape root, gentian, cardamom, lemon peel, senna, dandelion and peppermint in your daily regime, to help cleanse the liver. Liver function is directly tied to sugar metabolism. When the liver isn't metabolizing excess hormones, fats and other wastes, the body will store them as cellulite.

For weight-loss programs, herbs are usually broken into two groups. The first group is taken to correct a condition that contributes to weight gain. For example, plantain for reducing absorption of fats and creating a feeling of fullness, fennel seed for digestion, burdock or dandelion root to enhance liver function, and kelp to correct a sluggish thyroid gland.

The second group of herbs is given to directly promote weight loss. Ephedra sineca, also known as ma-huang, is a commonly found ingredient in natural weight-reducing formulas, such as herbal phen-fen (which is a combination of St. John's wort and ephedra). Its effectiveness and ability to enhance the burning of fat, especially when taken with green tea, is due to the ephedrine in ephedra.


Ephedra increases blood pressure by constricting blood vessels and is therefore contraindicated for persons who have anxiety disorder, glaucoma, high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid disease, hypertension, diabetes, or who are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) drugs, commonly prescribed for depression.

The FDA warns that ephedra has been linked to high blood pressure and death.  If you have any questions regarding whether or not Ephedra is safe for you, talk to your health care practitioner.

Buying Herbs 

Herbs should always be purchased from a reputable store or mail-order catalogue and may be purchased in the following ready-made forms:

Herbal Teas - The least concentrated of all herbal forms.

Herbal Capsules - Stronger and more concentrated than teas.

Herbal Extracts - Stronger than capsules, extracts can be used effectively as a spray or drops. 

Herbal Baths - Soak 30-45 minutes to give the body ample time to take in the nutrients.

Another alternative is the Herbal wrap, which encourages a cleansing sweat and helps the liver rid the body of excess fat. Individual results will vary and are noticeable with the first wrap (anywhere up to 12 inches, for some people). This is not a permanent solution, but it definitely can be a good motivator to start you on a healthy eating program! Nothing like a little Instant Gratification!  I only know of one person who has tried the herbal body wrap and it did work! She looked fantastic... for about a month. I'm not sure if the wraps need to be done on a monthly basis, or if she needed another one done because she did not change her eating habits one bit. 
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