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Toning and Chanting / Reiki

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2004 6:53 p    Post subject: Toning and Chanting / Reiki Reply with quote


Your voice can be empowered by Reiki and used during a treatment.  It is especialy useful in releasing blocks and negative energy. 

Empower your hands by drawing Om or the Tibetan Master Symbol, or Fire Serpent on each palm and clap them together three times saying the name of the symbol as you do so.

Draw the Om symbol on your throat and place your hands on your throat asking that the Reiki energy empower your vocal cords and voice. Do a Reiki treatment on your throat for a minute.

Draw Om over the area of concern on the client.

With your hands placed several inches to a foot away from the client, begin beaming the Reiki entery to the area you're working on.  The Usui distance symbol can also be drawn over the area before starting.

Experiment in your mind with diffrent tones at different frequencies to find the one that feels right to you. Once you have the tone, say/chant the symbol(s) name.

Take a deep breath and begin toning out loud.  Use a long continous tone.

As you tone, focus your attention and Reiki energy on the area of concern.

During this type of treatment, you will be using both your Reiki empowered voice and your hands at the same time.

Continue to tone until you feel that the block is gone.  Ask the person how they feel and what is happening in the area... get feedback.


Toning and/or chanting creates profound shifts in the vibrational frequency of the energy and should be done aloud, when appropriate. 

Examples of chanting:

* With hands on the sides of the head, chant Om 7 times, pause and allow the energ to flow. This intensifies the energy flow through the crown and higher chakras, while creating a protective shell around you.  After giving the Reiki in this manner, repeat the chant only this time chat Rama 7 times.  Next, chant Om, Harth, Om (3 times), then Om Shanti Shanti Om (3 times). 

* With hands on the sides of the head, chant Om 3 times, then the name of another Reiki symbol you will be using 3 times, and then Om 3 times. Pause and allow the energy to flow and resonate.

* With hands on an area of pain or tension, chat Om, Shanti,Shanti, Om, 3 times.

* With person sitting upright, place hands at back of neck, with thumbs placed on the indentation at the base of the skull and chant the name of another symbol.  Try Iava (eeee...aaaaa...vaa), three times. This is said to enhance the healing by promoting visual clarity, increase the frequncy of light around the person and yourself, and assist in helping you to stay focused and to fully experience and remain in the moment.

These are just a few examples of ways you can use chanting with different symbol cominations to generate effective healing results.
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