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Terri R.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 5:34 p    Post subject: Hypnopulsing Reply with quote

ORIGINAL POST: From:  LUV-2-CRE-8 (MSYA)  8/21/2001

As promised, hypnopulsing, in just a few short lessons.
This is excerpted from the manual on which Garry and I are collaborating, so you can comment on whether or not we are getting this down clearly. I will spread it over a couple of messages, so it doesn't get truncated.

Hypnopulsing is the combination of hypnotic suggestion with holistic pulsing. It can be learned as an add-on to pulsing, or as a separate technique.

In this mini-workshop, we will consider the pulsing aspects first. You will find it helpful to read through the material once, then find a partner upon whom you can practice the basic techniques.

You should note that with these techniques it is not uncommon to find emotions or reactions surfacing, not only during the session, but also for up to one week later. It is wise to mention this aspect to your partner(s).

Lesson 1: How to Pulse

There is no required position in which to begin, however, it has been noted that for those who “spend too much time in their heads” it is often best to start at the foot. The recipient should be stretched out, whether in a recliner, or lying supine.

Gently grasping the toes of both feet, begin a gently rocking vibration. Left-right movements should be synchronized: together, rather than opposing each other. The movements should be small and gentle at all times. Watch the individual’s body. As the pulsing continues, ideally you will begin to see the movement ‘pulsing’ through the entire body. This, however, often does not occur until further along in the treatment.

Continue in the first position for several minutes, before moving up onto the calf. This can be done on just one side at a time, or on both. It is very important that you do not break the rhythm during the transition. In any circumstance where you MUST, for whatever reason, remove both hands from the body at the same time, MAINTAIN THE RHYTHM IN THE ENERGY FIELD, AS NEAR TO THE BODY AS POSSIBLE throughout the moments when your hands are not in contact!

After several minutes you will move up onto the thigh(s.)
Continue at intervals onto the hips, waist, and lower ribcage.

At this point you will next move to the hand nearest you. This transition may require some practice to do smoothly. There is a special technique for the hands and arms.

Taking one hand from the trunk (preferably the opposite hand to the one you are about to pick up) slide your hand along your partner’s, palm-to-palm, so that you lock thumbs. Gently close your hand around the thumb and begin to pulse (vibrate) that hand. Once you have established the rhythm, bring your other hand up and grasp their hand around the thumb (this should also be supporting the hand) as well.

Step back gently, to extend the arm as you pulse. This is one of the rare times when you will employ a gross movement. As you pulse, walk their arm up, through its range of motion from the shoulder, pulsing first with a vertical motion (up and down) and then, after that begins to feel looser, with the horizontal motion. You will actually pull gently out on the arm, extending it fully. Once you have done that you need to change the motion once more. At this time, move the hand up and in, so that the arm is now flexed at the elbow, continuing to pulse in rhythm. Increase the size of your pulses, adjusting your rhythm so that the elbow swings freely, from the wrist.

At this point it is often necessary, with persons new to any sort of pulsing, to ask them to remain limp and unresisting. Many will try to ‘help’ with this. You want to be dangling the arm from your grasp. It should swing freely. (At times, this could require more than one treatment to achieve this degree of relaxation.) A final step in this should be a diagonal movement over the body, in a “figure eight.” Unlike kinesiology, when you do this make the long arm of the eight move DOWN the centerline, increasing the state of trance/relaxation. Repeat this swing 3 to 6 times before returning the arm to the side.

When you have completed your time on that arm, bring it back to the body, continuing to pulse gently up the arm until you reach the shoulder. On the near shoulder, position one hand on the shoulder, and one a few inches away, on the upper arm, at the shoulder. The pulsing motion here borders on a gentle rocking motion, which is directed diagonally across the body, more or less toward the opposite hip. After a few minutes, move along the shoulders, shifting one hand to the opposite shoulder, and continue pulsing. After a few minutes, move on to the second shoulder, pulsing diagonally toward the opposite hip. When you are ready, move on to the arm, in the same fashion as the first.

After you have finished with the second arm, it is time to move back up, and pulse the head. The most comfortable position for your hands will probably be on either side of the head, with your fingers separated around the ears. Your pulsing should still be gentle and rhythmic. As you pulse the head, look down to the toes. Ideally, the pulse should be running through the body to the toes. The last position on the front is the mid-chest. This should be done with one hand only. Continue here for several minutes. When it feels as if it is time to continue, you will need to ask your partner to turn over, as you continue to pulse your hands in their field. (Note: It is possible to do only the front, though adding the back is more complete.)

Once the individual has positioned him/herself on their stomach, once again place your hands onto the body, and continue in rhythm. Often, if you just worked on the head/heart, you might begin on the head. As you move down the back, you would not be swinging the arms, but it is perfectly alright to pulse them again. Do a minimum of two positions on the back, though more might be ideal. Once you have completed the hips, you may choose to do the legs together or separately, and end at the feet. A nice finish might be to smooth up through the energy field, gently. Alternately you might move both hands up the leg then arm on first one side, then the other, squeezing gently. There are other nice finishes out there as well, but these are generally well accepted.

This is a basic explanation. There are further refinements available, which you might learn if you get a chance to study this work in person.
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Terri R.
Site Admin

Joined: 21 Apr 2004
Posts: 388
Location: So. Calif.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 5:36 p    Post subject: Reply with quote

From:  LUV-2-CRE-8 (MSYA)  

Hypnopulsing: lesson two

Now that you have practiced with the physical aspects of Hypnopulsing, a brief discussion of the hypnosis component is in order.

As mentioned previously, this modality is excellent for emotional releases. The general pulsing theory states that it helps activate and clear the lymphatic system. In Hypnopulsing, the focus is on the emotional, spiritual, and energetic levels. You might also suggest that the body’s fluids will be activated, in general, since the body is mostly water. A bathroom break in advance is a good idea. With this in mind, it is important to provide a relaxing, safe environment for those you pulse. They remain fully clothed, unless they remove their shoes, during the Hypnopulsing session. (If you are a massotherapist, including this into your regular session, you will of course modify it to suit your needs.) Soft music and indirect lighting, as well as a comfortable table or chair for the recipient to recline on, are things to consider.

At first, your vocalization can be minimal. Keep your attention on the ‘waves’ moving, or not moving, through the body. You might need to direct the individual to slow and deepen (abdominal) breathing. Gently remind them that the breath, the pulse, and the blood pressure are in balance, and that by slowing one, you can lower the others. (Temperature is also linked, so make sure they do not actually become chilled.) Guide them until they have noticeably slowed their breathing to the level of sleeping, if possible. The focus on breathing might also allow someone who must stay mentally busy a mental activity to occupy him/herself. Counting the breaths may be necessary. Be creative.

Keep pace with the client. When they sigh, gently and unobtrusively echo the sigh. A particularly deep breath suggests that you may want to mirror that back as well. You may also suggest something such as ‘Let go…” ‘And… relax…” “Release the tension at the source’ “Let is flow through” or some such phrasing. Use a gentle, encouraging, and yet not demanding tone. Be just a bit above subliminal, but if the person appears to be trying to hear everything you say, easily audible. If something comes up, and the individual wants to tell you what s/he is feeling, do not discourage it, but stay focused, as well. Ask such questions as “Why do you feel/see/think that is?’ “Do you feel ready to release it?’ ‘Can you let it flow out?’ As you do this, it remains important to stay focused on the pulsing, as this is an enormous help in allowing these things to surface as well as release.

Phrases such as ”Loosen the tension at an even deeper level…” “Let go, and go more deeply” will keep the session moving. If the client states that something feels as if it is coming up in the physical realm, such as an old pain, first check to be sure your pulsing is subtle enough. Then ask what that means to the individual. Do they feel ready to release it? Is there something there, which they need to deal with? Remember that while there are lists that say that certain body parts indicate certain types of emotional problems, these are not universal. Let the individual go inside to find personal meaning. Gently encourage it, unless the individual resists it. Remember that the person is not always ready to delve consciously into the causes, and with this therapy, it is not always necessary. Another physical manifestation you might see is additional shaking or twitching. Reassure the client that this is something deep releasing, and remain calm. If you are calm, they will generally feel very reassured, and remain relaxed. Your voice should be soothing and peaceful.

As the session nears its finish, give additional suggestions for release. Gently remind the client that the releases may continue for up to a week. If the pulses did not make it completely through the body by the end, you may want to suggest further sessions. Be encouraging. The client is not a failure if they did not relax enough to let the pulse flow through all of their body, but is just doing some intense work. Let him/her know that you appreciate that and can that pulsing can help loosen things up. I might even tell them how far the pulses flowed, and which area(s) could use further focus. (The individual will often agree that this was apparent to him/her as well.)

While an actual hypnotherapy session COULD be performed during such a session, for those not specifically trained in hypnosis, these guidelines should be adequate to help you deal with things as they appear. Please review the hypnosis thread for additional pointers.
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