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Eleven Laws That Life You to the Next Life Level

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2004 5:40 p    Post subject: Eleven Laws That Life You to the Next Life Level Reply with quote

Eleven Laws That Lift You to the Next Life Level

The only thing that holds us down is what we don't yet know about
ourselves. This insight explains why our ability to learn the truth
about ourselves, to increase our level of self understanding, is the
same as being empowered to raise our own life level. If we want to
grow inwardly, free ourselves from the ties that bind, we must find new ways to learn the truth about ourselves. These higher
discoveries call for higher learning. If it helps, look upon this
important part of your inner education as a way to better understand
what's been keeping you from learning.

Think of each of the following eleven laws as individual magic strands
of a flying carpet. Make it your aim to weave them together in your
mind. Then watch how these lessons combine to effortlessly lift you to the next higher and happier life level.


Nothing can stop you from starting over.

The greatest power you possess for succeeding in life is your
understanding that life gives you a fresh start any moment you
choose to start fresh.


Don't be afraid to see when something doesn't work.

Learn to be sensitive and to listen to the inner signals that try and
tell you when something isn't working.


If it doesn't flow, there's more to know.

Learn to recognize all forms of strain -- whether at work, in your
creative efforts, or in your relationships -- as being unnecessary.


Don't take the easy way.

There's no getting away from what you don't know, which is why any time you feel compelled to go around a problem by taking the easy way, that problem always comes round again. And isn't that what makes life seem so hard?


On the other side of the resistance is the flow.

There are often times when it feels as though you can't go any farther
in your work or studies. But you can learn to go beyond any blockage.


Watch for the opportunity to learn something new.


Learn to see conclusions as limitations.

If you approach the possibilities of learning about your life as being
limitless, which they are, then it follows that any conclusion you
reach about yourself has to be an unseen limitation. Why?


Have no fear of being afraid.

Fear can't learn, which is why you must learn about fear if you ever
wish to be a fearless learner. So, the first thing you must learn is
how to get past your fear of being afraid. Here's how.


Never accept defeat.

As long as it's possible to learn, you need never feel tied down by any past defeat in your life. Here's the real fact: nothing can prevent the inwardly self-educating man or woman from succeeding in life. And here's why: wisdom always triumphs over adversity.


Learn to let go of painful pretense.

Most people approach their troubles with one of these two
non-solutions: they either pretend their problem isn't a problem, or they pretend they've solved their troubles with temporary cover-ups.
But their pain remains.


Persistence always prevails.

If you'll persist with your sincere wish for higher learning, you can't help but succeed. Persistence always prevails because part of
its power is to hold you in place until either the world lines up with
your wish or you see that your wish is out of line. But, for whichever way it turns in that moment, you've won something that only persistence can pay.

See the following: if you get what you think you have to have to be happy and you're still not satisfied, then you've learned what you don't want. Now you can go on to higher things. And should you learn you've been wearing yourself out with useless wishes, then this discovery allows you to turn your energies in a new direction: self-liberation.

-- Guy Finley
(Excerpted from Freedom From the Ties That Bind, pages 66-71.)

Originally posted by Cathi on our old Delphi forum
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