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What Californians Thinks of Conventional Medicine

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Terri R.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2004 6:39 pm    Post subject: What Californians Thinks of Conventional Medicine Reply with quote

California is the fifth largest stand alone economy in the world. If California is a leader in new thinking, as it usually is, conventional health care (Medicine) is in for a hard road.

Here are some of the highlights from our Ballot Initiatives in the Nov. 4 election that related to the health care industry......

Proposition 72
This initiative would have forced employers of 20 or more employees to provide health insurance to those employees, and employers with 200 or more employees to, not only provide health insurance to their employees, but for their families as well. 

Proponents of the argument proclaimed "the rising costs of health care" as reason to vote for the initiative.  They were claiming that health care costs were rising because "of the uninsured." Now HOW being uninsured raises health care costs is beyond me... unless that's because there are some cases where the patient will get a cash discount if s/he has no insurance... who knows.

At any rate, the health insurance companies poured tons of money into this campaign, and enlisted the Unions to help.  The Unions focused on the fact that Wal-Mart didn't provide insurance to their employees - and this fact was somehow costing the taxpayers of California 32 million dollars a year... and then there was the grocery store strike over health insurance.

In the end, the majority of Californians could not see the benefit in FORCING a costly, failing system on small companies, when it isn't working for the big companies. The measure failed... California voters said "NO."

Proposition 67
This would have increased phone taxes by more than $500 million a year in an attempt to, supposedly, shore up the state's emergency-care system. The scare tactic used on the voters for this one was an ad campaign about how "68 Emergency Rooms have closed..." claiming lack of funding. 

This proposition also failed (72% voted NO), even though the opponents argued that "The initiative would create a costly new bureaucracy that doles out cash to hospitals and doctors with no requirement that this windfall be used to improve health care in California."

Proposition 71
The California Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative. The $3 billion bond issue was approved, and would make California the nation's leader in funding for embryonic stem cell studies by providing an annual $300 million to create a California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. That would be 12 times what the federal government spends on embryonic stem cell research and 18 to 33 times what California spends on breast cancer and AIDS research, respectively.

59% of California voters voted for this initiative.  The message is clear - Californians want "cures" not endless, expensive "treatments." 

The big issue, between proponents in California, and opponents in Washington is not that Stem Cell Therapy has merit - because both sides agree that it does.  The argument is over the use of human fetuses - whether that's ethical or unethical. A morality issue.

David Steenblock DO, a well known stroke re-hab doctor, using hyperbaric oxygen, etc., and scientist, is probably one of the world's leading experts on Stem Cell Therapy, and he says "there is no need, in Stem Cell Therapy, to use fetus material.  Everything you need can be found in the umbilical cord.  Umbilical cords are discarded after a successful birth.  There is NO worry about ethics.  Umbilical Stem Cells are, in fact, FAR BETTER, and FAR SAFER to use than embryonic."

California voters said "YES" to Stem Cell Therapy. 

Proposition 64
This one changed the state's business competition law to end "shakedown lawsuits" against small businesses. Governor Schwarzenegger, along with a citizen's group, "Californians to Stop Shakedown Lawsuits (CSSL),  promoted California ballot Proposition #64, described by Schwarzenegger to accomplish the following: "Proposition 64 will stop the legal practice of shakedown lawsuits, in which private lawyers file suits without any client or any evidence of harm. This turns lawyers into bounty hunters, stalking innocent small businesses that create jobs and opportunity in California." 

Now this is great news for small businesses, and especially for those who practice alternative therapies!

58.9% of California voters said "YES" to stopping "shakedown" lawsuits for all time. CHEERS FOR CALIFORNIA!!
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