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Crystals 101

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Our earth is 85% crystal. The earth's crust is made up of largely silicon and oxygen along with six other common elements - aluminum, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. From this "soup" comes the beginnings of a kaleidoscope of crystal colours, shapes, sizes and hardness.

Crystals have been used and/or revered since the beginning of civilization. Crystals have been found in the tombs of Egypt and China. Many ancient civilizations used crystals in ceremonies, rituals and for healing.

Crystals "work" by being able to vibrate at various frequencies. The crystal user through strong intentions channel and amplify the healing energies (often attributed as coming from the Universal Source) through the crystal's structure. This osculating focused energy is what allows the balancing and undoing of the dis-ease or the manifesting of the user's intentions.

Working with crystal is an intuitive process. Through practice, working with spirit guides, meditation and visualization, you can make crystals a very powerful force. This is why they must be used only with the intent of love, light and the "higher good of all" in mind.
Above all keep in mind that with crystals... 'intention' is everything! 

Lesson 1 -- Choosing Your Crystals
When selecting a crystal for your workings there are attributes that you will select on purpose and other attributes that will be of a more subtle choice. Some attributes of a crystal are size, type, shape, and energy(s).

SIZE - Size is an easy one. You will need to pick a crystal that is of an appropriate size for the work you will be doing with it. For example if you are going to be placing this crystal on someone's forehead you will want one that isn't too big. Likewise if your are tuning (or empowering) a stone to carry with you through out the day you would not wish a boulder.

TYPE - with well over 900+ "types" of crystals and their various family members you have many crystals to choose from. Each crystal's energies are slightly different from its kin's. There are many sources on the web, and many good books that explain the attributes of each crystal. Once you get use to using crystals your intuition is the best guide. (In Lesson 6 We will go over the "top 20" crystals and their vibrational tendencies)

SHAPE -- Crystals come in many shapes. Some shapes are natural while others are man enhanced. Each shape has an effect on the vibration of the crystal. Below are listed a few of the more common shapes, and their uses.

Natural Occurring
Single Terminated -- These are crystals (generally six sided) that have only one termination. The other end (the body) is generally rough or "broken". Large Single terminated crystals with wide flat bases are called Generators. The energy flows through the crystal in one direction from the base of the body to the termination. Due to the directional flow of these crystals they are often used for "layouts" (grids) and to do directional healing from one chakra to another.
Tabular Crystals -- "Tabbies" are flattened columnar crystals (two of the six sides are much wider, so the crystal appears "flattened"). These crystals are good for telepathic healing and communications. They are often used as bridges in layouts and healing work. Tabbies are believed to show up at important stages in personal development to help in "crossing to the next level"

Clusters -- Two or more single-terminated crystals that share a common base constitutes a cluster. These crystals emit intense healing and cleansing vibrations. They can also encourage and enhance co-operation.

Double Terminated --These are crystals (generally six sided) that have two terminations, one on each end of the crystal. Double terminated crystals have a bi-directional energy flow, meaning that energy flows into and out of each termination. The center of the crystal is important in the role of accumulating the crystal's energy. This crystal shape represents dualism (yin, yang / life, death). They can simultaneously transmit and receive energy and are used in healing layouts to unblock negative energy. The double terminated stone has the ability to either draw or transmit energy though both ends at the same time. They can also draw or transmit energy though only one end (thus allowing them to simultaneously transmit and receive energy). If you feed the "exact" same amount of energy into each termination of the double Terminated crystal you can cause it to radiate a field of energy from its central body. These traits make them useful in grid layouts.

Twins -- are two or more individual crystals of the same substance linked to each other not arbitrarily or randomly but according to a special "twin law" (with portions of each crystal parallel to each other while other portions of each crystal are in reverse positions with each other). Twin Crystals facilitate the building of relationships on all levels, and can help you obtain encounters with soul-mate(s) present in this lifetime. They help balance the outer and inner being. Twins promote the recognition that love brings freedom, and can be useful in promoting universal love. A twin with a rainbow can enhance a good relationship and can project healing energy into a sagging one.

Rainbow Crystals -- Both transparent and opaque rainbow crystal exists. The Rainbow is caused by an internal fracture, which interferes with the white light passing though the crystal. Rainbow crystals are valuable for easing disappointment or depression.

Phantom Crystal -- This crystal type has a "phantom" or cloud like substance inside the crystal. This substance may be white or colored and is of a crystalline mineral. The Phantom is an excellent tool for meditation. It also works well to assist one in connecting with the higher realms of knowledge or past lives. It can also assist in meeting and talking with ones spiritual guides.
Man Enhanced (generally)

Crystal Balls (Spheres) -- Spheres are crystals that have been polished into round balls. They typically project energy fields many time larger then themselves. They can be held or warn to fill in a person's auric "gaps". And of course for gazing into the future or past.

Crystal Bowls -- Crystals shaped into bowls, generally man made. These are used for gazing, and for energizing and awakening other crystals. Bowls can gather and hold energy well.

Egg Shapes -- Almost always man made, the egg shape crystal can be used to scan the auric field of a body. It fits the hand well so is good for meditations. It is also a wonderful shape for acupressure, massage, shiatsu and reflexology.

Obelisk -- This crystal has four tapering sides with a pyramidal apex. It represents the marking of time and can be used to promote a connection with the ancient cultures of Egypt.

Pyramids -- For eons this shape has been used to focus and amplify energies. The pyramid shape focuses energy in a tight beam though the apex. It has been used though the ages to both charge and preserve objects.

Tumbled Crystals -- These crystals have been tumble-polished to a smooth finished. This doesn't effect the properties of the crystal's energies. These are great for use in massages or other bodywork.

ENERGY -- This is a more esoteric quality of crystals. How do you make a choice from, o say, a whole collection of single terminated quartz crystals. They are all the right size, type and shape for your current work. This selection for an "expert" is easy, they just "feel" for the right crystal. For the beginner here are a few "tricks" that will yield results almost as good.

The Pendulum -- If you are familiar with the use of a pendulum, you can use it to make your choice. Just use the pendulum to choose the crystal as you would any other pendulum choice. (If you would like more info on the use of the pendulum please ask and I will get something posted.)

The "First Impression"-- Stand before the crystals, relax and close your eyes. (If you wish you may hold in your mind the purpose you will be using the crystal for). When you are ready, open your eyes and choose the first crystal that you see or that catches your attention.
The "It Feels Right" -- When you get more "in tune" with the crystal world, you can hold the crystals in your hand one at a time, and pick the one that "feels" best.

By now you might be thinking that crystals have a personality all there own. Well they do, and like us some of them have a mission. Don't be surprised when you start working with crystals when a crystal "wants to come home" with you. It is possible to be walking by a crystal and have a nagging thought that you must have that particular crystal. It may even be a crystal that you would not ever consider using. If this happens and you do obtain the crystal, meditation might prove helpful in providing an answer as to why the crystal wished to work with you.

Also don't be surprised if after you obtain the crystal that you place it in a drawer and forget about if for years prior to presenting it as the perfect gift or all of a sudden realize that a family member or a good friend should have. My favorite term for this phenomenon is an "earth-keeper". You get to hold the crystal until the coincidence's line up for the crystal to find its next earth-keeper.

If you take a crystal bowl and "swirl" it very slooowly as though you were trying to coat its sides with the invisible contents, you can watch the energy "fill up the bowl". You can also "dump" that energy out onto your hand.

Lesson 2 (a.k.a. Care and feeding of your crystals part 1)
Crystal Cautions
Crystal Processing -- There are a few things you should be aware of when buying crystals for energy work; be that work healing, protection, meditation, or manifesting. Many things are done to crystals to make them more appealing. Some of these are harmless to the crystal's energy. Other processes may scatter, fracture or outright kill their energy. Most honest, knowledgeable merchants will be willing to tell you what processing has been done to the crystals if you ask. Some of these processes are Irradiation, Dyeing, and Petroleum coatings. Remember to check for the crystal's energy, it if is there then you should have nothing to worry about.

Irradiation --Irradiation is common for bringing out color in Aquamarine, Topaz, Emerald, Diamonds and others. Beware, this process can "KILL" a crystal for healing and other energy work. If you don't wish to ask, or if there is no one knowledgeable to ask, you can feel for the crystal's energy. Irradiated crystals will have very scattered, very little or no energies.

Dyes --This is a common treatment for "clear" crystals, among them Lapis, Amethyst, Citrines, and Rose quartz. This is done to make them "brighter" or more colorful. Dyeing weakens most crystal's energies. Please note that Onyx is an exception to this rule (it is common that Onyx is dyed, and it doesn't seem to bother them).

Coatings -- The major crystal in this group of processing is Jasper. Jasper is generally dipped in petroleum products to "brighten" and seal it. This unfortunately can also weaken the crystal's energies.
Imitation and Synthetic Crystals -- Imitation and Synthetic crystals do not work for energy workings as they are not really crystals, most are glass. (Although if it is the energies of glass that you are looking for these might work ; )

Physical Care -- Crystals are not only just energy, they also have physical properties. These properties must be taken into consideration during cleaning and clearing. Not all crystals are immune to water, sun and/or heat. And many crystals are not "rock" hard. The following is only a partial list of crystals containing only the "most common" crystals. You should check on your crystal's properties prior to cleaning and clearing it.

Scratches Easily (Burying in Salt, Sand, or Earth may not be best)-- These crystals are very low on the Mohs' Scale for hardness and will be easily scratched.

Metallic Crystals (i.e. gold), Celestile, Malachite, Rhodochrosite, Fluorite, Apatite, Lapis lazuli, Sodalite, Turquoise, Hematite, Moonstone

Water Sensitive (Do not soak these)-- These crystals are either very porous or will dissolve in water.
Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Sodalite, Halite, Selenite, Turquoise

Light Sensitive (i.e. No Sun) -- These crystals will fade and or dry out.
Amethyst, Rose quartz, Turquoise

Heat Sensitive (i.e. No Hot Water or Sun)-- These crystals may crack, fracture or fade.
Amethyst, Quartz, Lapis lazuli, Malachite, Tourmaline, Turquoise

A brief forenote:
Please understand that the steps listed below (and continued in Lesson 3-- a.k.a. Care and Feeding of your crystals part 2) need not ALL be followed. As you work with your crystals you will notice that some crystals take more care and others less. "Play" with the following steps and see which steps fit with your energy works and the crystals you are using.
Explanations for each step are included here so that you may become familiar with what all the steps are. You will notice in some cases that the procedure for clearing is the same as for energizing, or that programming is done while energizing, etc.
Read though the steps below and work with what "feel right" for you and the your crystals.
1) Initial Dedication of Crystals
As stated in the prior lesson, a crystal can be a very powerful tool. A Crystal should be dedicated when received, found or brought. This initial dedication should be a very simple one, something easy that you can do when you first start to handle it. At this point you do not need to know what it is you will be using the crystal's energy for, it is just to help attune it to light and love. The initial dedication should be something such as...
While holding the crystal between both your hands, envision a bright white or golden light sounding the crystal. Ask your higher self, divine energy, god, or the diva of the rock to help insure that this crystal only be used in light, love and the higher good of all.

2) Cleansing Crystals -- "Physical Cleansing"
In this step you remove the Dust, Dirt and Grease from your crystal. This is an easy step. Basically this is the physical washing and dusting of your crystals. For most crystals a quick dip in water, followed by a soft cloth will do the trick. This cleaning will remove some of the crystal's negativity.

3) Clearing Crystals -- "Spiritual Cleansing"
This step is used to clear the negative energies from your Crystals. In their normal use most crystals gather and hold negative energies. When this happens a crystal can feel "muddy", heavy, hot, drained or just "not good". If the crystal you used to love to hold because if "felt good" doesn't "feel good" any more, it most likely needs to be cleared. After a clearing a crystal should feel "Bright", tingly, positive and just plan "good". Clearing a crystal brings its energies back to a neutral state and re-energizes it.

A crystal should always be cleared when purchased, prior to and after a healing.

There are many ways to clear a crystal. Not all ways will work for all crystals, and some ways will feel "more right" to you then others. Once again remember that this is a spiritual process so Intent is everything. Remember to keep in mind that your intent is to clear away all inappropriate energies and that you are working with light and love. You should also know that you can mix clearings, such as a bowl of sea salt set in the moonlight. So read through and pick out what you and your crystals like best. They all work well = ) ..

--- The Fast methods..
Smudging -- This has been used for ages and is a preferred way of clearing for Native Americans. Simply burn the smudge stick or incense and pass the crystal through the smoke several times. Continue passing the crystal through the smoke until it "feels clear". This is a good way for clearing healing crystals as it is "quick" and can be done between healing sessions. Good Smudging agents include-- Sweet grass, Cedar, Sage, Frankincense, Dragon Blood, or simply a candle flame.

Reiki -- To clear a crystal using Reiki, hold the crystal in your hand and visualize the Sei-He-Ki over the crystal. Allow it to sink in and remove the crystal's negative energies. Repeat this procedure until you feel that the crystal is clear of negative energies.

Running Water -- Place the crystal in cool running water (a stream, river, brook, spring or even the indoor water tap). Remember that warm or hot water might crack or fracture your crystal. While holding the crystal in the water visualize the crystal as cool, tingly and clear. You may also try visualizing a waterfall or waves lapping the beach (anything that is cool, clear energy ; ) . Continue to hold your crystal in the water until you feel your crystal is clear of negative energies.

--- The "slower" methods..
Sea Salt -- (Very traditional) Salt is both a physical and psychic disinfectant, so this is popular for psychic and healing energies work.-- You can use sea salt either dry or mixed with water. You should not use a plastic or metal container with sea salt.

Dry Salt - Bury the crystal in the dry salt point down and cover well. Leave the crystal in the salt overnight. If it doesn't seem clear of negative energies you just need to leave it for a day or two longer.

Salt water soak --Mix between 1 tablespoon and 1/2 cup of salt with 1 cup of water. Place the crystal in enough solution to cover the crystal and leave overnight. You can also collect salt water from a sea or ocean (if you happen to be near one) in a bowl and use it in the same fashion.

Moon light -- (my favorite) The moon is a wonderful cleansing and energizing force. To clear a crystal using moon light, simply place the crystal outside in the evening. The Full Moon, New Moon, the Solstices (summer, winter), and the Equinoxes (spring, fall) are the most heavily charged. But any time is a good time with moon light. (Note the clearing can also be done with sunlight in the same fashions, but your crystal could fade, fracture, or crack with the heat and the sun.) If you place the crystal near a plant the clearing will happen faster as the plant will draw the energy from the Sun or the Moon to it, and thus past your crystal.

Earth/Sand -- Much the way that sleep refreshes us and gets us ready for a new day, so does returning the crystal to the Earth. The magnetic quality of the earth "pulls" out the negativity. Simply dig a hole in the dirt or sand (if you are in an apartment a plant pot of earth works just a well) and bury your crystal point down. Cover it well. (ALSO Mark it well ; ) . Leave it for 24 hours or more. Note that this clearing might remove some of the "polish" from polished rocks.
Herbs, Spices & Flowers -- The Purity and Energies of Herbs, Spices, and Flowers will transmute the negative energies in your crystals and impart purity and energy back into the crystal. Simply bury your crystal in the herbs or flowers and leave them there for at least 24 hours until they are clear of negative energies. The following are good for this process-- Rose petals, Sage, Myrrh, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Sweet Grass, Orange blossoms, Honeysuckle, Brown rice (dry).

Rain -- Rain is also charged with the clearing energies of Water. Use of this method requires more intent then the other methods so far. Insure that your intend to clear the crystal of any negative energies are clearly stated prior to placing the crystal in the rain. Then just place it in the rain. If nature is co-operating it will rain long enough to "rinse" the crystal clear. The crystal should remain in the rain for several hours.

Amethyst or Carnelian Bed -- (Prior to clearing you crystals) Dedicate a large chunk of Amethyst or Carnelian, or a bed (tray) of Amethyst or Carnelian crystals to clearing and/or transmuting negative energies from the "things" placed on them. Then when you are ready to clear your crystals, simply place the ones needing clearing on top of the "bed". The clearing may take a few hours and up to a day to finish.

-- Other methods to Note... I have used all of the above methods at one time or another and have found them wonderful, but there are a few more I have learned that are noted below...

Thought & Light -- Hold the crystal in your hand. Visualize a white or gold light surrounding your crystal (or visualize a white beam of light coming from the 3rd eye area and surrounding your crystal). While the light surrounds the crystals send the intent that the light shall transform any negative energy into positive energy. Concentration and intent must be maintained.

Resonating Sound -- Hold the crystal in your hand. Ring a bell above the crystal , while sending the intent that the sound shall transform any negative energy into positive energy. Concentration and intent must be maintained.

Atlantean Clearing -- It is believed that those in Atlantis would have used "water plants" (seaweed) to clear crystals. This is because water is itself only a liquid crystal, and that one shouldn't clear a crystal with a crystal. They believe that the energies from the plants especially the salt water, water plants more properly cleared crystals by absorbing negative energies. To use this method, simply wipe the seaweed over the crystal until the crystal is believed clear.

Lesson 3 (a.k.a. Care and feeding of your crystals part 2)
4) Awakening (Energizing) Crystals
After your crystal has been cleared it is time to Awaken or energize your crystal. Awakening or Energizing aligns the energy so that it can be directed or programmed. Once again there are many ways to awaken a crystal. Many of these ways are the same or similar to the ways a crystal is cleared. It is the intent that makes the difference. Thus, you may wish to hold the intent that the process you select both clear and energize. Such as holding the intent for the moon light to clear and energize your crystal.
Moon light -- (my favorite) The moon is a wonderful energizing force. To energize a crystal using moon light, simply place the crystal outside in the evening. The Full Moon, New Moon, the Solstices (summer, winter), and the Equinoxes (spring, fall) are the most heavily charged. But any time is a good time with moon light. If you place the crystal near a plant the energizing will happen faster as the plant will draw the energy from the Sun or the Moon to it, and thus past your crystal.
Sun Light -- Sunlight is also a wonderful energizing force. To energize a crystal, simply place the crystal out in the sun. Days related to the Full Moon, New Moon, the Solstices (summer, winter), and the Equinoxes (spring, fall) are the most heavily charged. Again if you place the crystal near a plant the energizing will happen faster. (Caution, some crystals could fade, fracture, or crack with the heat and the sun.)
Amethyst or Carnelian Programmed Bed -- (Prior to energizing your crystals) Dedicate a large chunk of Amethyst or Carnelian, or a bed (tray) of Amethyst or Carnelian crystals to energizing "things" placed on them. Then when you are ready to energize your crystals, simply place the crystals top of the "bed" for a few hours, up to a day.

Crystal Circle -- Place your crystal in a center of a circle made up of other (cleared/ charged/ dedicated) crystals whose terminations are pointed in towards your crystal at the center.

Resonating Sound -- Hold the crystal in your hand. Sound a meditative Gong or ring a Tibetan prayer bell (or other bell) above the crystal, while sending the intent to awaken the crystal. Concentration and intent must be maintained.

Earth/Sand --The magnetic quality of the earth also aligns and energizes the crystals. As with the method for clearing, simply dig a hole in the dirt or sand (if you are in an apartment a plant pot of earth works just a well) and bury your crystal point down. Cover it well. (Mark it well also; ). Leave it for 24 hours. This method might remove some of the "polish" from polished rocks.

Reiki -- To energize a crystal using Reiki, hold the crystal in your hand and visualize the Cho-Ku-Rei over the crystal, allowing it to sink in. Continue visualizing the Cho-Ku-Rei and allowing it to sink in until the crystal "glows" with energy.

5) Re-Dedications (Tuning, Programming) Crystals
Dedication (or more rightly re-dedication) is also called programming, infusion, tooling, tuning, or inspiring. A single crystal has many energies it can call on (these can include healing, dreams, protection, increasing energies, decreasing energies, etc.).

The purpose of this step is to "inform" the crystal so it doesn't have to guess what you wish it to do. You should program a crystal for ONE intent/purpose only. This makes a crystal more powerful by allowing it to dedicate it energies to one particular intent. Once programmed a crystal will retain its programming until it is re-programmed by you or another. You should also segregate your crystals or label them so you can remember what they were dedicated for (i.e. protection, healing, dream work etc).

OK... now that you have your crystal clear and glowing or tingling with energy it is time to program it... Here we go...

Decide on what intent this crystal will be used for. Formulize the precise intent in a simple phrase which describes the programming you wish. Remember that this intent should keep with the ideas of love, light and betterment of all. Examples of intents may be a general as: Protection for my mother; Improved communications with my guide(s); Give me a sense of peace during work, Protect my house (car). Or your intent my be specific such as: Help heal my sore foot, Allow me to remain calm during this big test. (You get the idea.)
Place yourself in a relaxed but alert state. This is also a good time, if you wish, to ask your higher self, spirit guides or other appropriate "helpers" for help and guidance in this process.

Hold your crystal in your hands and sense its energies. Some people will say to hold the crystal in your Left hand [right hand if your left handed]. (I haven't really noticed a difference. I am guessing that this practice stems for the saying that you receive with your left and give with your right. )

Visualize energy flowing from you to your crystal (this can be a ray of blue, gold, white or other appropriate color light). Allow this energy to connect you and the crystal. (you should keep this connection until told to detach and ground in step 9)
(this step is used by some but not by others...) Think of the intent you wish the crystal to be programmed to. "Ask" the crystal if it wishes to accept this intent. You may feel an increase in its energies for a "YES" answer and you should feel a decrease in its energies for a "NO" answer. If the crystal answers no, accept its wishes and end this dedication or change the intention and "re-ask" the crystal if it will accept the new intent. Likewise you can set the original crystal aside and choose another cleared crystal for this intent and ask it if it will accept the intent. (Note: that like any higher power, crystals can get "cranky" if you ask them the same questions over and over, insure that the changed intention is really a new intention and not just the same intent asked in a different way.)

Announce the precise intent you wish to use the crystal used for. State that only the most positive and highest energies may work through this crystal. (You may also [or instead] choose to dedicate the crystal to a god or goddess associated with the intent you will be using your crystal for.) Repeat the intent 20-30 times while visualizing the desired effect. (The repeating builds and creates an energy pattern within you that you will later transfer to the crystal).
Move the crystal so that it is positioned in front of the "3rd" eye area, or the heart area (the energy will move from you to the crystal through your chakra).

Direct/Transfer the energy pattern that you built up in step 6 from your (3rd eye or heart) chakra into the crystal for about 30 to 60 seconds. Your intuition should let you know when the transfer is complete.

Detach yourself from the crystal. Stop the energy flow from you to the crystal. GROUND YOURSELF!! (For those who might be new to grounding it can be done in several ways. The ones I use most are walking barefoot on the earth, eating, and/or moving on to more material things.)

Tying all 5 steps together
OK, so now I have laid out a really long drawn out, complicated fashion of getting an ordinary every day crystal into a powerhouse of energy directed at your intent. Is it really this complicated?? Well it can be, and for some things it may work best. Below is how I did my "car" crystal. This is the crystal that I placed in my car when I brought the car.
I went to our crystal shop and picked out a crystal for the purpose of "watching over my car".
When I got home I got comfy and picked up the stone. The stone was already physically clean, so I continued on with doing a Reiki Sei-He-Ki Clearing.
I then worked on what intent I wanted the stone to have. The intent was with love and light to "Protect the car, all those the car transports, and all the car encounters on its trips (both people and animals)". I then did the Reiki Cho-Ku-Rei Awakening.
While still holding the crystal I stated the intent, and held the vision of everyone traveling safe and having enjoyable trips. After stating the intent about 20 times, I passed the "program" to the crystal.
I then detached myself, walked barefoot to the car, and place the crystal where it has been ever since.
Remember the bottom line, you just need to do what you "feel" is needed to get the crystal from the state it is in, to the working crystal you need. Sometimes this is very long and drawn out. Sometimes this is a very easy and quick process. Sometimes you may feel that your crystal work requires that this process be done at an altar, with correct color candles burning, or maybe with the correct incense being burnt. The base line is that if you feel you should or shouldn't do something trust you intuition. = ) ...
Also remember that once programmed your crystal will be picking up "unwanted" energies. Take the time to do a clearing and awaking from time to time to rid your crystals of these energies and give it a pick-me-up. The programming will stay... (you can redo the programming if you wish, but it should not be necessary).
Lesson 4) Crystals’ Electricity (piezoelectricity)
Ever wish you could prove that there was energy flowing though your crystals. I have always wanted things either proved or collaborated. Well there is a way to see a type of energy that some crystals release. This is due to the fact that some crystals (most notably those of the quartz family) are piezoelectric. This means that they can convert mechanical pressure into electrical energy. Industry used this effect for early forms of submarine-detector sonar. This property in synthetic quartz is used for making quartz timepieces and record player styluses.
How do you "see the light". Take two quartz crystals with no terminations and at least one flat, unpolished side. Go into a dark room. Rub or bang the two flat sides of the crystals together. (Rose quartz works well for this.) DO NOT do this with your "good crystals" or with crystals with flaws. (CAUTION: crystal could crack, break or "explode" [well more like "pop"]) {I have only gotten this to work occasionally... if it doesn't work, try another set of crystals.
Please be careful, and wear eye protection
Lesson 5) 25 Key Crystals
What follows is the "top" 25 crystals. These are generally easy to find and all have a wide range of uses.
What is listed below are the crystal's name, their family, their Chakra use, the astrological sign they are associated with, and the planet (if known) that they are associated with.
Also listed are the attributes that are associated with the crystal. You will notice that these crystals have many attributes that range widely. This is one reason why you must program your crystal and insure they understand your intent. You will also notice that many crystals have the same attributes, this is wonderful as it allows you to also include color, astrological signs, ruling planets etc. in your choice of the "perfect" crystal.

It should be noted that Crystal help with the relief of a dis-ease. Unless you are a licensed physician or healer, you should NEVER try to "self treat" dangerous symptoms on your own. And NEVER stop taking prescribed medication with out talking to the physician who prescribed them. Even Dr. Weils says that if he is hit by a Truck take him to a Hospital, not a new age healer. ; )
Name Crystal Family Chakra Use Astrological sign Ruling Planet Agate (Blue Lace) Chalcedony Throat, Heart, 3rd Eye, Crown Pisces Earth Agate is a varigated class of chalcedony. It generally has colored bands or markings. The Blue Lace agate has a blue and white "lace" pattern.
Grounding and balance; helps one to calmly express views; stabilizing; enhances self esteem; calms body and mind; assist physical and emotional security; helps one reach extremely high spiritual space
Use in treatment of disorders of the pancreas, and digestive glands. Also useful in fluid balance around the brain.
Amethyst Quartz 3rd Eye, Crown Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn Pluto, Jupiter Amethyst is a variety of quartz. It is found thoughout the world. Its color ranges from deep purple to pale lavender. Amethyst is found in crystalline or massive form.
"Stone of Spirituality and Contentment"; "Stone of meditation" ; eases compulsive, obsessive behavior; calms the mind; increases self esteem; aids sleep; releases intuitive and psychic abilities; calming; cleansing; transforming; absorbs negativity; combats atmospheric pollution; stability; strength; invigoration; peace
Can be helpful with hearing disorders, nervous systems disorders. Also useful in disorders with the digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin, teeth, insomnia, and headaches.

Aquamarine Beryl Throat Gemini, Pisces, Aries Neptune Aquamarine is a variety of prismatic crystalian beryl. The color ranges from light blue to green.
"Stone of Courage"; tranquility; sooths the heart; inspires; compassion; helps to learn and teach; eases fears and phobias; stress reducing; enhances creativity; protects against pollutants; help shields the aura and subtle bodies
Can be helpful with the treatment of swollen glands. Excellent for eyes and improving visions. Helps in the maintenance of teeth and bone structure. Can also be used to balance and fortify the glands.
Aventurine Quartz (Green) Quartz Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart Aries Venus, Uranus Aventurine is a variety of mineral (quartz or feldspar) which is spangled with mica, hematite and other such bright particles. The most common color is green.
"All Purpose Healing Stone"; joy; balance; clarity; sooths the heart and emotions; promotes physical, mental and emotional well being; enhances creativity and originality; stress relieving.
Can be helpful with the treatment of disorders of the lungs, heart and the adrenal glands. Also useful with the muscular and urogenital systems.
Bloodstone (aka Heliotrope) Chalcedony Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart Aries, Pisces, Libra Earth Bloodstone is a variety of massive quartz. The color in larger specimens is green and red. In smaller specimens the red is often missing.
"Stone of Courage"; physical healer; mental balancer; removes toxins from the blood; aligns chakras; calms the mind; strengthening; improves talents and abilities; enhances decisions-making insights.
Can be helpful with treatment of the spleen, kidneys, bladder, intestines and liver. It has been used in the treatment of leukemia, failing eye sight, lung congestion and rashes.
Calcite   orange - Sacral; gold- Solar Plexus Cancer   Calcite is found in masses, grains, stalactites,12 faced and 6 faced crystals. Calcite can be colorless or white natually. But it is often found mixed with other compounds during its formation. This mixing causes the calcite to become green, pink, peach, golden, orange, yellow, red, blue, grey and/or black.
"Stone of Arts & Sciences"; helps the mind to remember what was learned during astral travel; help the body to remember the state of perfection and helps it try to achieve the natural state of flawlessness.
Can be helpful with the treatment of the kidneys, pancreas and spleen. Helps promote de-calcification of bone growths, and is a balancing agent for calcium within the body.
Carnelian Chalcedony Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart Taurus, Cancer, Leo Saturn, Earth Carnelian is a form of chalcedony and is almost always a uniform color of red, orange or red-brown.
"Stone of Isis"; protects; aids concentration; helps access past life data; helps in decisions making; focusing; motivational; stimulating; dispels apathy, indolence and passivity; encourages present moments awareness; protects against envy, fear and rage; works well to clear negativity from other stones
Can be helpful with the treatment of gallstones, kidney stones, pollen allergies and colds.
Celestite (aka Celestine)   Throat, Crown Gemini   Celestite is found as nodules, granular masses and as tabular crystals. THe color range is blue, white, yellow, orange, red, and red-brown.
"Stone of Bright Hope"; revitalizing; awaken spirituality; elevating; regenerative; useful for dream recall; dismisses worries; brings calmness and harmony to ones life; can provide for access to and transfer of information from the purity of the angelic realms; attunes one to heightened powers of rationality
Transforms pain and chaos into light and love. Can be helpful with the treatment of the eyes, digestive disorders and dysfunctional intestinal system.
Chrysocolla   Base, Navel, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat Gemini, Virgo, Taurus   (one of the not so pretty ones sometime, unless polished ; ) Chrysocolla can be found in the form of crusts, layers, masses and microscopic needle-like crystals. Colors range from blue to green and are sometimes brown to black.
Promotes self-confidence in speaking and greater inner strength; promotes physical vitality; purifies the home and environment; can remove negativity from within a person
Can be helpful in regulating insulin and balancing the blood sugar. Can be used in the treatment of disorders of the lungs [tuberculosis, asthma, emphysema etc.]. Helps provide greater lung capacity.
Citrine Quartz Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Gemini, Aries, Libra, Leo Mars, Mercury Citrine is a variety of quartz. It ranges in color from yellow to golden brown to burnt amber.
NOTE: Citrine is only one of 2 minerals that doesn't hold or accumulate negative energy. Hence, it never needs clearing.
"Stone of Groups"; aligns chakras with ethereal plane; bridges between higher and lower consciousness; transmutes fears; prosperity; positively influences family, business, friendships and other "groups'; encourages openness; cleansing
Can be helpful with the treatment of digestive disorders. Can promote the circulation of the blood. Also has been used to balance the thyroid and to activate the thymus.
Fluorite (blue)   3rd Eye Pisces, Capricorn Neptune Fluorite is found in the forms of masses, grains, columns, cubes, 8 and 6 sided crystals. The color range includes pink, blue, green, yellow, purple, magenta, red, black, and clear. Fluorite may be only one color or a rainbow of any and/or all shades of these colors.
Opens wearer to the influences of other stones. Grounds excess energies; protective; energizing; calming; good for meditation; stimulates clear, concise communication skills both here and in the "other worlds"
Can be helpful with the treatment of eye problems, blocked tear ducts, and inflammations. Can also help with disorders of the inner nasal passages, inner ear, throat and speech.

Hematite   Base, Throat Aries, Aquarius Saturn Hematite is found in tabular and 6 sided crystals, masses, columnar, granaluar, plate-like layers, and rosettes. The colors include grey-to-black, brown-red and red. All with a "mercury" like metallic lustre.
"Stone for the Mind"; grounding; focus; self discipline; balances Yin and Yang; reduces excess body heat; transforms negativity; has been said to attract "kind love"; can be used to obtain a "soft" meditative state; provides tranquility and emotion clarity
Can be helpful with the treatment of leg cramps, blood disorders, nervous disorders and insomnia. Also helpful in the proper healing of brakes and fractures. Hematite can help lower fevers and relieve headaches.

Jade   Heart, Crown Libra, Aries, Gemini, Taurus Venus, Neptune Jade can be found in a crystallized form of grains, masses and small elongated prismatic crystals (Jadeite). Jadeite colors include translucent emerald green (imperial jade), shades of green, mauve, lavender, white, brown, red, orange, yellow, grey, black, blue-green to green with white or light green traceries, pastel green with a bluish cast and interlaced with pure white veins and white with delicate green veining. Transvaal Jade is found in opaque green masses.
"Stone of Dreaming"; "Stone of Fidelity"; cooling; water element; soothing; healing; regulates heart beat; encourages harmony; inspires wisdom; prolongs life
Aids dream work; improves the remembering of dreams and assists in dream solving (to do this by placing a piece of jade under you pillow while you sleep)
Can be helpful with the treatment of heart disorders, hips, kidneys and spleen.

Name Crystal Family Chakra Use Astrological sign Ruling Planet Jasper Chalcedony Solar Plexus Leo   Jasper is opaque, usually patterned and occurs in a massive form. The color includes dark red, orange, yellow, tan, brown, green, grey and blue.
"Stone of Supreme Nurturing"; Stabilizer; A stress-reliever; helps user to remember to bring joy and substance to others; Protection against negativity; Helps to ground ones energies
Use in the treatment of tissue deterioration of the internal organs and disorders of the kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and stomach. Can help soothe the nerves
Lapis Lazuli   Throat, 3rd Eye Sagittarius Venus, Neptune Lapis Lazuli is found in masses, cubes and dodecahedral crystals. The color is deep blue. Lapis is a combination of minerals including lazurite, calcite and sometimes pyrite. This often makes lapis look like a "night sky"
"Stone of Teachers"; "Stone of Total Awareness"; helps in clarity and ease of expression of higher wisdom; helps psychic blockages; spiritual awakening; protects against depressions; enhances artistic endeavors; has been used to protect the "wearer" from physical danger and psychic attacks
Can be helpful with disorders of the throat, bone marrow, thymus and the immune system. Can help relieve symptoms of insomnia, vertigo, and dizziness
Malachite   Throat, Heart Capricorn, Scorpio Venus Malachite is found in masses, tufts, rosettes, crusts, fibrous layers and sometimes stalactites and needle-like crystals. The color ranges from light to dark green.
"Stone of Transformation"; emotional balance; strengthens physical and etheric eyes; soothing; calming; cleansing; excellent for meditation and dream work; amplifies current mood; helps one to accept responsibility for ones actions. Facilitates insight concerning causes of conditions, and acknowledge the reasons supporting an illness
Can be helpful with treatment of asthma, arthritis, swollen joints, tumor growths; broken bones and torn muscles. Can also be used to align and cleanse the cellular structure, to enhance the immune system and to ease the process of birth.
Moon Stone Feldspar Sacral, Heart Cancer, Libra, Scorpio Moon Moon Stones are found in masses and are generally milky-white in color with a sheen.
"The Traveler's Stone"; used for protection against the perils of travel; talisman of good fortune; may be used to enhance the feminine; strengthens psychic abilities; increases sensitivity to natural cycles; helps emotional balance; brings calmness coupled with awareness; helps one to gracefully acknowledge the changing cycles;
Can assist hormonal equilibrium during menstrual cycle, PMS and the change-of-life. Can alleviate many degenerative conditions with respect to the skin, hair, eyes and fleshy organs of the body. Can facilitate and promote ease in pregnancy and childbirth, to enhance fertility. Also a good energy to use with insect stings or bites

Peridot (aka Chrysolite or Olivine)   Heart, Solar Plexus Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius Mercury Peridot is found in masses, grains and prismatic and flattened crystals. The color ranges from green to yellow-green, olive green, bottle green. Other colors include red, yellow-brown, green to brown, and honey yellow.
Peridot creates a shield of protection around the body and should be removed prior to energy work on the body (such as balancing or clearing the chakras). Wearing or carrying peridot will prevent outside influences from disturbing the wearers energy balance. (Remember that even without outside influences, ones balance will eventually naturally "slip")
Creates a feeling of protection; allows heart to open; heals hurt feelings and bruised egos; emits a warm and friendly energy; helps regulate cycles;
Can assist with treating disorders of the heart, lungs, spleen and intestinal tract. It is helpful in healing ulcers of the stomach. It is an great facilitator for the birthing process, stimulating contractions and helping with the opening of the birth canal.
Quartz (clear) aka Rock Crystal   3rd Eye, Crown All Signs Uranus Quartz is found in masses, grains, druses and prismatic hexagonal crystals. Unless there are inclusions quartz is clear.

"The Master Crystal" (most versatile of all crystals, can be used for all most any intent); purifier; protector; spiritual awakener; raises vibratory rate; aids in clarity; good for meditation; focuses energy; amplifies effects of other crystals; promotes emotional stability
Can be helpful in treatments of disorders of the circulatory system, treatments of vertigo, to stabilize dizziness. It is said that holding the crystal to an area of the skin which has been burned, has eliminated pain, blistering and any trace of the burn.
Rose Quartz Quartz Heart, Crown Taurus, Libra Venus Rose Quartz is found in masses, druses, granular structures, grains, veins and rarely in crystal structures. The color ranges from soft pink to golden-white.
"Stone of Gentle Love"; Self Love; Friendship; for love in general; promotes unconditional love for ourselves and others; peace; good for children; heightens self-esteem;
Can be helpful with releasing excess fluids and impurities from the body, effective in diminishment of disorders of the kidneys and adrenal glands. It has also been used to treat vertigo and to relieve and vanquish blistering due to heat.
Sodalite   Throat Sagittarius Venus, Pluto Sodalite is found in masses, grains, nodules and sometimes dodecahedral and hexagonal prismatic crystals. The color range includes dark blue, grey, green, yellow, white, light red, lavender blue and colorless.
Physical healer; transformative; clears the mind of emotional confusion; balances metabolism; aids sleep; increases spiritual awareness; prolongs physical endurance; helps you "lighten up"
Can be helpful with treatment of gland metabolisms, and digestive disorders. Helps heals disorders associated with deficiencies of calcium.
Sunstone Feldspar Brightening of all chakras Libra, Leo   Sunstone is found in masses and tabular crystals. The color range includes grey, green, yellow, brown, orange, pink, peach and red. Generally Sunstone is "sparkly" due to inclusions of goethite or hematite.
Dissipate fearfulness; alleviate stress; increase vitality; provides "luck" in games;
Can be helpful with chronic sore throats. Can help reduce stomach tension and relieve ulcers.
Tiger's Eye Quartz Base, Sacral Capricorn Mars, Mercury, Earth Tiger eye is a fibrous structure. The color range includes red, brown, gold, cream, black and blue.
"Sacred to Bast and Sekhmet"; Helps one distinguish between actual need and false desire; teaches patience, focus and concentration; grounding; symbol of inner strength; balances yin/yang; enhances creativity; generates calmness during turmoil
Can be helpful in the treatment of disorders of the eye, throat, reproductive system, and aids in night vision.
Tourmaline   Watermelon - Heart Virgo, Gemini   Tourmaline is found in vertical prismatic crystals. The color range includes deep pink to red to red-violet, blue, yellow, brown, green, pink, orange, black, colorless, bi-colored and tri-colored.
Watermelon - has a green or blue "rind" with a pink or red "core"
Corrects imbalances, eases guilt; help recovery from "heartache"; symbolizes balance; helps one experience the beauty of nature; inspires tact
Can be helpful in the treatment of nervousness, disorders of the heart and lungs and dysfunction's of the emotional system.
Turquoise   Throat Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio Venus, Moon Turquoise is found in masses, stalactites, veins, crusts and sometimes in small short prismatic crystals. The color ranges from light blue to dark blue.
Symbol of the sky; helps manifest spiritual qualities on the physical plane; clarity of communications; leads one to greater self-awareness and "true purpose"; induces wisdom and understanding, stimulates the initiation of romantic love; provides strength and protection during vision quests and astral travel.
Can be helpful with headaches, and the repair of physical damage to the body. It can be used for emotional, mental and physical problems.
6) Corresponding Crystals for Chakras
Chakra Chakra Color Crystals Root Red, Mauve, Brown Agate, Bloodstone, Tiger's Eye, Hematite, Carnelian Sacral Orange, Gold, Amber Moonstone, Tiger's Eye, Citrine, Carnelian Solar Plexus Yellow, Gold, Rose Citrine, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Malachite, Sunstone, Jasper Heart Green, Pink Jade, Aventurine, Watermelon Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Peridot Throat Blue, Silver, Turquoise Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Celestite, Blue-lace Agate, Chrysocolla 3rd Eye Indigo, Mauve, Turquoise Amethyst, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite Crown Violet, Gold, White Amethyst, Celestite, Jade, Clear Quartz, Gold Calcite
To do a crystal healing you need to insure that the energy moves in one direction. This means that any crystals with points all need to either point to the head, or the feet. If the crystals point towards the head, the energy will move in that direction, thus moving the receiver to a higher vibration, a more spiritual level. If the crystals point towards the feet, the energy will move in that direction creating a grounding of energy.
There are many layouts for placing crystals on the body. What follows is a simple example. You can use colorless crystals, the ones listed above, or ones where the color matches the chakra or any mixture of these.
You need to insure that your crystals have a healing "program" (or other appropriate intention), and that they have been cleared. Insure that you are properly centered and are ready to do a healing (i.e. ask for your guides help in healing, personal clearings etc.).
Lay the receiver down and make them comfortable.
Start by placing clear crystals in the receiver's feet, in their hands, and above their crown. If you wish you may place a circle of clear crystals around the receiver a few inches away with their point in towards the receiver. Then starting with the root chakra and moving to the crown place the crystals on one chakra at a time. If you selected the "wrong" color crystal, or a crystal "moves" or rolls to a different place on the body, or even off the body leave it be. This is generally the universe helping you. Likewise if you forget to place a crystal, or forget to cover a chakra.
If at any time the receiver says that a stone feel uncomfortable take it off, it is not needed at this time. Also remove the crystal(s) in any area where the receiver says it "feels finished".
When all the stone are in place you may either simply wait until the healing is complete (all the stones have rolled off or the receiver has asked for them all to be removed), or you can start a hands-on healing such as Reiki.
When the healing is over (all the stones are off or you or the receiver feels it is done) Allow the receive to lie quietly for awhile to ground and get their "earth feet". You can take this time to gather the crystals, clear them, and place them safely away for the next healing.
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Smile Mornin' Terri...

WOW! Such a great topic eh? I don't have "crystals" but really like reading this. Thanks!

Actually, I do have 2 crystals that hang in my kitchen. One small one in one window, and a huge one in the other one (facing south) I love it. My friend's daughter brought it from England for me. When the sun shines on it, and it moves, all the rainbow colors are swirling in my kitchen. I love it!! Very Happy Great "energy" coming in too.

How are you today? Hope all is well with you and be safe. *S*
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that sounds like good Feng Shui. Smile
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